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  • jem132
    Pins and needles are a side effect of my tablets along with many others including increased urinating as if I need that when I am never off the loo as it is arhhh love to all

    I have dyslexia so I apologize for my spelling and grammar
    • Possession
    • By Possession 10th Dec 12, 9:38 PM
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    Hope you are feeling better soon Jem.
    After another bullying incident last week which left DS with a bleeding lip, I blasted a letter at the Head and have at last had a satisfactory response agreeing that the No Blame policy isn't working, keeping the boy in every lunchtime until xmas, meeting his parents and saying that if it continues he will have a fixed term exclusion. Let's hope all that works.

    Fuddle sends a message - when you post next could you please say thank you , that I'm absolutely fine, very nearly packed and that if they see any furniture flying around the A19 on Saturday it will be mine as we're moving our things in one of DH's companies low loader... Well it's free!

    • ginnyknit
    • By ginnyknit 10th Dec 12, 10:03 PM
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    Hope things settle down soon Jem and you start to feel better hugs ginny.

    Possession I hope things improve for you and yours, bullying should have been sorted out for him by now. Its awful, I still remember how I felt years and years ago.

    Im busy making pies. I am pretty good at pastry and have always used hard marg for it but now everything is so expensive I use what ever is cheapest. Last week i picked up some pure sunflower marg with a yellow sticker and it has made the best pastry ever - and I used the food processor My little pie maker is churning out apple pies and leftover potato hash ones for lunch tomorrow. I also have 24 mince pies in the oven plus the leftover pastry which on the 3rd roll was a little tough has been filled with sweet mincemeat and manhandled onto a tray - bet that tastes the best
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    Keeping my purse shut still.

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  • jem132
    Ginnny I am so sorry for your poor son. When son was been bullied school tried to brush it under the carpet time and time again ds did not want to go to school he did not eat any lunch in the end I found out who the mother was and had a word with her stating if I was doing it to her she would ring the police please make your son stop then I. Lost it a bit and said or ill sort YOU, the next day delivery came home with yet another bust lip well I lost it took son with me went to the mothers and showed her what her son had done all she said was in don't care he's a fighter ds jumped up and went well if you don't care ill fight him then and landed one straget on his jaw needles to say no has ever bullied him since. I know it's not ideal but I could think of no other way and boy ds surprise me

    I have dyslexia so I apologize for my spelling and grammar
    • 7 week wonder
    • By 7 week wonder 11th Dec 12, 7:51 AM
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    7 week wonder
    Morning all,
    Possession - I hope you get something resolved with the other boy at school - it sounds like things have been going on for far too long.
    Jem - how are you feeling this morning?
    Ginny - I'm jealous of all your pie-making, although my pastry making is improving it's still far from perfect.

    Well after my teenage-style strop at the weekend I now have my loft re-floored and OH has promised to take a TOIL day on Friday to sort stuff out and either put it back in the loft or take it to the charity shop. At least I no longer run the risk of breaking a leg tripping over floorboards beside the bed. And, rather sheepishly, I have to admit that even after cooking them twice, my second lot of flapjacks were actually softer than the first lot. So now I'm really confused!

    It's bitter cold here, but sunny, so actually quite nice. I just hope the hens get up and manage to get a drink of water before their water hopper freezes. Anyone got any suggestions for how to keep their water thawed when it is sub-zero all day?

    Have a good day everyone.
    • nuttyp
    • By nuttyp 11th Dec 12, 7:58 AM
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    Round here the farmers put a floating ping pong ball or a duck type thing in the water troughs for the farm animals. Not sure if it works but you often see them bobbing around on them.
    BSC member 137

    BR 26/10/07 Discharged 09/05/08 !!!

    Onwards and upwards - no looking back....
    • 7 week wonder
    • By 7 week wonder 11th Dec 12, 8:09 AM
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    7 week wonder
    Round here the farmers put a floating ping pong ball or a duck type thing in the water troughs for the farm animals. Not sure if it works but you often see them bobbing around on them.
    Originally posted by nuttyp
    Not sure if it'll work - but you have definitely cheered up the start of my day. I have visions of our hens (who are not the brightest of sparks) attempting to play bobbing apples with some brightly coloured ping pong balls whilst our cat (who *loves* ping pong balls) sits outside the run getting very frustrated!!
    • SDG31000
    • By SDG31000 11th Dec 12, 8:18 AM
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    Morning all

    jem I hope the side effects stop soon and that you are feeling better xx

    Possession I hope that school actually does something now and that your son feels safer and happier there xxx

    *waves to fuddle * Hello there. The best of luck with the move

    Pooky I hope your DH's shoulder is ok

    My house is chaos, I mean it really is.....enough of a mess that even DS1 commented on it last night. DH is off work this week so fingers crossed he will get up at some point and help me sort it out. It is freezing here so I don't want to go out anyway.

    Over the past 6 days I have made 7 dozen mince pies, 5 batches of shortbread and a big batch of choc orange biscotti. I am all baked out and have said I'm not making any more mince pies for at least a week. I don't even like the s*dding things. I have to make something to take to book group on Thursday. I'm watching the Hairy Bikers on iplayer and thinking I might have a go at florentines. I'll need to find some soy free chocolate to dip them in though, as one of the ladies is allergic.

    Time to get my bottom in gear as it doesn't look like any Elves are turning up to help.

    Love and hugs to everyone xxx
  • sevenup01
    Morning all. Ive had a very busy weekend trying and almost succeeding in tidying the house despite my darling children messing it back up behind me. Ive had a few giggles and a few ouche/cringe and a few tears as i have caught up since my last post. the dental stuff talking about a dry socket - i have never felt more pain even when recovering from my c-sections. It was horreendous and i truly hope i never have it again. The photos of cute dogs made me smile. Bullying....grrrr........My eldest suffered dreadfully with nearly her entire class bullying her and the teacher swore blind her wonderful class would never do anything of the sort. Until we saw the head teacher and they spoke to the playground/dinner supervisers who saw it all happening. Unfortunatley the teacher had left at that point but the school instituted some very good consequences and anyone who even 'looked' funny at my daughter was punished. Within two weeks it had all stopped bar the very occasional incident from other students but NEVER anyone in her class again.
    I managed to make my christmas cake yesterday and must remember to take it out of its baking tin. Its had the longest 'hour' cooling in the tin since yesterday tea time...oops. I also dyed my hair, made christmas tree decs with my youngest, had a meeting with my upline so she could collect some returns i had, went shopping, did housework, refereed an arguement between my elder girls and discovered my mop bucket has a hole in it. Somehow i dont think it will be fixable with a straw or anything else for that matter!
    Oh and apparently ping pong balls are ideal for teaching boys to aim in the bathroom as they dont flush.
    • savingqueen
    • By savingqueen 11th Dec 12, 8:49 AM
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    Morning everyone

    Hugs to jem - hope you feel better today
    and to possession - hope you get the bullying sorted, its horrible isn't it

    DS1 has been bullied a couple of times though not this school year (fingers crossed.) Thankfully both periods didn't last long, saw teacher as soon as discovered and it was nipped in the bud very quickly. DS1 has more confidence now and lots of friends so that helps. Unfortunately his best friend needs a lot of emotional support and the last bullying incident occured because DS wouldn't leave his friend to be kicked and punched on his own so they both go hurt. I was proud though of DS not abandoning his friend and having the sense to tell me. I went straight into school to report but the friend's mum had been sitting on the info waiting until a planned meeting with the school a couple of days later. I felt a bit like I was going behind her back as her son was the main victim but I did what needed to be done for my child and both children benefitted from that day.

    sevenup - you have been busy!

    Home today with a poorly DS2. He felt ill at school yesterday lunchtime "I was too cold to eat my lunch mummy" but didn't say anything as usual. When I collected him he complained of being freezing, got him home and he was boiling hot. He is snuggled on the sofa with my favourite blanket (and so boys' favourite blanket ), stripey cat and lots of ben 10 on TV.

    I feel off colour today after feeling perky yesterday so at least get to stay in too. Had planned to go to town to get some Xmas gifts and get some bits for freezer but that will have to wait. Have a feeling that my attempts at getting a grip on Xmas has been thwarted again..oh well be the same as every other Xmas

    better go and shuffle round the kitchen doing something useful. need to relocate posh cat from my lap first, he will not be a happy kitty

    hope everyone else is doing ok
    Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. (Albert Einstein)
    • Possession
    • By Possession 11th Dec 12, 9:17 AM
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    SDG I'm making choc orange biscotti too, which recipe do you use? And are you freezing or are they OK to make now? I can't remember when I made biscotti last yr but think it was a bit later than this.

    • kidcat
    • By kidcat 11th Dec 12, 9:46 AM
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    All the bullying stories make me so mad, why are schools so poorly equipped to deal with it.

    OH is off to the dentist this morning meaning he will miss Christmas lunch at DS8 school so am dragging DD18 with me instead

    We have managed to get most of the decorations all up and plan on finishing tonight, then tomorrow we can blitz the place and tidy back up as the whole house being a mess depresses me.
    Have also pulled all the presents out of various hiding places and have discovered two things, first OH has hidden some and now cant find them and second I have miscalculated and DD6 has alot less than the others so will need a catch up this week.

    I had to go into DD6 school today to complain which I feel awful about as I know they are having difficulties with a couple of kids at the moment and are being innudated with parents complaining. But I found a letter in DD bag announcing a new biometric lunch system involving taking fingerprints and then being scanned each day to buy lunch - there was no mention of an opt out clause and I am not comfortable with her fingerprints being used.

    Besides which I sort of feel that this is just adding a load of hassle into a previously simple system - currently the kids line up get their dinner, eat and leave, the new system means that before they can get their dinner they will need to scan their fingerprint in. Its anyones guess how much this system costs to run, with the machines and then the data processing - I am assuming we will see the prices rise accordingly.
    The world has gone mad.

    If Fuddle is reading - my biggest tip for moving with kids is to have a bag of bedding for each kid kept seperately so that you have access to bedding for someone to make up a bed each on the first night - having learnt the hard way what happens if you dont!! Good luck hope the move goes well.

    It is thick ice here today but beautiful too, IYSWIM.

  • shegar
    We woke up to a layer of snow this morning , frosty and very cold with it, but we do have sun, its too cold in the shade to melt the snow.........But ive put my sheets and duvets on the line which is in the sun...

    I do / did enjoy this thread a lot, and I hope people keep posting, but I do notice in the last few weeks since the "thank you " button flare up , that a lot of the regulars have gone and no longer post on here because of it ..........I miss you all and its such a shame ......................

    I looked back quite a few pages and notice that the thanks button for all posters was up to 30 thanks ,before the "thanks post issue" , now its only about 10 thanks, so its definately caused problems between posters............And the thread isnt the same now that weve lost a lot of regulars..........I miss all the friendly chat..........

    Im waiting for a parcel to come, so I must stay in the house, cos they soon stick a card through the door and if your not in it goes back to main post office which is 23 miles away,too far to go....

    I wanted to go and do some more food shopping today as need some things for the store cupboard, but parcel comes first...........

    Ive not put the tree up yet , and if I dont soon get in the mood for it, it will remain in the loft...., just cant get into it........Sheila....
    • SDG31000
    • By SDG31000 11th Dec 12, 10:56 AM
    • 986 Posts
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    Possession They should keep ok in an airtight container as long as they are properly dried out. They also freeze really well, just dip them in chocolate after freezing not before, if you were planning to.

    I had problems with the recipe I used as it was too wet and took much longer to cook than the recipe stated. I don't know if I just adapted it too much. I know it worked better last time I made it. This recipe for ones involving mincemeat works well.

    Christmas Biscotti.

    75g/3oz butter
    150g/6oz caster sugar
    1 large egg, beaten
    250g/9oz mincemeat
    1 tbsp brandy
    280g/10oz plain flour
    1 1/2 tsp baking powder
    50g/2oz walnuts, toasted and chopped

    1- Preheat oven to Gas Mark 3/ 160C. Line two baking trays. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg and then add the mincemeat and brandy.
    2- In a separate bowl combine the flour baking powder and walnuts. Add to the butter mixture and stir well.
    3- Remove the mix to a floured surface and divide into two. Form each half into a 30cm/12 inch long log.
    4- Transfer dough onto baking trays and bake for 25 minutes. Remove to wire racks, mark out thin slices and leave to cool slightly and then cut into thin slices. Lay on the baking sheets cut side up and return to the oven for 10 minutes or until fully cooked. (This depends in the thickness of the slices) Cool on wire racks.

    Hope that helps xxx
    • 7 week wonder
    • By 7 week wonder 11th Dec 12, 11:09 AM
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    7 week wonder
    SDG - you are a woman in demand today! First, thanks for mentioning the Hairy Bikers Florentines: you have just solved my dilemma about what to cook for our baking club this week. Can you remember roughly how far through the program the florentines were on? I'll watch the whole programme when I'm tucked up in bed this evening, but I'd like to have a quick look at the relevant bit before I start baking earlier on in the evening.

    • nuatha
    • By nuatha 11th Dec 12, 11:13 AM
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    SDG - you are a woman in demand today! First, thanks for mentioning the Hairy Bikers Florentines: you have just solved my dilemma about what to cook for our baking club this week. Can you remember roughly how far through the program the florentines were on? I'll watch the whole programme when I'm tucked up in bed this evening, but I'd like to have a quick look at the relevant bit before I start baking earlier on in the evening.

    Originally posted by 7 week wonder
    From memory the florentines are about the last quarter of the program, its the last thing they cook, and its after they arrive at Alnwick castle, and I think its before they decorate the tree house.
    • SDG31000
    • By SDG31000 11th Dec 12, 11:15 AM
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    7 week wonder the recipe is at 50 minutes in. I've just checked thanks to the joys of V+ and iplayer
    • 7 week wonder
    • By 7 week wonder 11th Dec 12, 11:16 AM
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    7 week wonder
    7 week wonder the recipe is at 50 minutes in. I've just checked thanks to the joys of V+ and iplayer
    Originally posted by SDG31000
    Fantastic! Thanks for that.
    • savingqueen
    • By savingqueen 11th Dec 12, 11:36 AM
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    kidcat re the fingerprint thing I am astounded. I can't believe they are implementing it. The nearest my kids' school did with fingerprints was set up a fake crime scene last year for reception class. Kids had to work out who stole something silly from the class by interviewing anyone who walked past their class (open plan school so easy) and checking their fingerprints against the criminals. Brilliant role play exercise (it was the caretaker who dun it guv!)

    re: moving tips: get a bag/box (or 2!) and fill with essentials like couple towels, tea towels/cloths, washing up liquid, essential meds & toiletries, loo rolls, teabags, mugs, spoons etc, something for kids to do/eat/drink, pet stuff, nightwear, change of clothes so you don't have to unpack everything at once.

    (Don't however do what I did and put it all in a black sack which removal people helpfully put out for rubbish and so didn't arrive with their van! My mum had to go on a bus ride to collect the bag before bin day the next day!)

    shegar - the thread is a bit quieter than usual you're right and I do miss some posters (come back!) but I think it is still friendly on here and people including some regulars are still posting. It is a busy time of year so maybe some people are just... well... busy!

    I have decided not to use the thanks after the last bunch of posts about thanking and also because I often forgot and then would go back through posts to thank which is time consuming. Hope no-one minds.

    Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. (Albert Einstein)
    • craigywv
    • By craigywv 11th Dec 12, 11:56 AM
    • 1,976 Posts
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    KIDCAT thats shocking taking finger prints whats next scanning your retina to go to the toilet!
    C.R.A.P.R.O.L.L.Z #7 member N.I splinter-group co-ordinater I dont suffer from insanity....I enjoy every minute of it!!.
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