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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    H just updated signature, bought washing liquid, washing up liquid, tissues and biscuits in 99p shop so £3.72 spent (the wu liquid was 75p not 99p). The washing liquid is non bio so I hope it's ok for us, we've all got quite sensitive skin, I thought it was worth a try anyway.

    Oct GC £36.72/£220.00
    Sep GC £223.58/£220.00
    Aug GC £200/£200
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  • Wow, having asked for advice about the cashback sites; I have managed to get nearly £300 in a very short time just buying things that I would have bought anyway. I have to wait for 3 months for some of that so fingers crossed the company doesn't go bust.

    You can get cash back on DR orders. Which makes it an even better buy. I agree that the only problem with DR is that all other meat seems inferior.

    The following is one of our fav. cheap recipes which has the advantage that it has many variations depending on what I have in.

    Sausage and pasta

    4 sausages - skinned - any you like
    50ml dry sherry or stock or maderia or wine
    1 lemon - juice and zest or lime
    pinch dried chilli flakes or fresh chilli
    parsley - optional
    parmesan or cheddar - grated
    veg - peas/peppers/mushrooms/whatever
    pasta boil - drained

    fry the sausage meat - medium heat - breaking up - well browned
    add chopped veg (frozen peas go in with pasta)
    add sherry or ? boil to reduce
    add lemon juice, zest and chilli

    mix pasta and meat toss well
    add cheese and parsley

    hugs and kisses to all
  • I spent several hours doing my menu plan at the weekend, but the result is that (including this week) I menu planned for the next 6 weeks, incorporated 4 new recipes to try and haven't repeated a meal once, so I'm pretty chuffed :j

    It always takes me soooooo long to do but I get quite a sense of achievement once it's done.

    If I didn't like to try new recipes, I could simply repeat the previous 6 week plan, but I like to experience new meals and new tastes. It also means I (almost always) look forward to what I'm having for tea. Plus with things so difficult here, it's an immense help to get up in the morning, look on the fridge and know what I'm having for tea.

    Several spends since I last updated, bringing me to a new total of £134.04, and a NSD today brings my total to 6

    Just placed an online order with A$da - I see all their delivery charges have gone up by 50p. Hardly surprising, and I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more increases on the delivery charge front with fuel prices constantly rising the way they are - another reason why I'm trying to manage with just the one online shop per month - which in turn will increase food costs...............eyyyy - I think we ALL deserve a medal for even trying to come in on budget, and definitely one for OPTIMISM ;)
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    Xmas 2011 Fund £220
  • gdyr1945 where can you get cashback on DR? :j
    GC Mar 13 £47.36/£150
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    wmf wrote: »
    Have you tried a spoonful (teasp) of lemon curd stirred into natural yog? I really like it and sometimes stir that into muesli or just porridge oats and leave it overnight.
    Thanks for that suggestion. We are not that big on lemon curd so don't tend to have it in (I make lemon cakes with lemon juice and lemon rind). It was a wee treat and tbh I would not have bought it if I thought it would break the budget!
    Talking of porridge though, I do love the yoghurt with cereal in, and have often thought of adding some seeds/oats, although never actually added them as yet!
    Thanks again.
    Better shush now as this is my third post today (mind you I have not posted for about a week!) x
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  • Another spend at Mr T today - Around £27 so getting close to my budget :eek: I have set myself a low budget and think I may go over this month because strawberries and raspberries are on offer and I can't resist :D I won't blow the budget though.....I may set it higher next month :)
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  • Went to MrA on Monday for a bit of a shop and convinced myself I had to buy this month's Good Food magazine:o. For a change I actually did make something rather than just read it. I made the Selkirk Bannock (sort of a bread/cake with tons of sultana's) and it is scrummy. I had all the ingredients already (substituted raisins for the sultana's though) so didn't have to spend any more money on ingredients. I had it toasted for breakfast this morning with rather a lot of butter. Nom, nom, nom. Guess I'll be having a rather light dinner then. The recipe is on their website as well for anyone who's interested.
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    Added to the index:

    gdyr1945's Sausage and Pasta recipe
    Mothership's Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice

    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Just nipping in to say hi to you all. Haven't really been totting my grocery spends up but it's only a quid or two here and there so i think i need to add about £8 to my running total. Will update siggy shortly :-)
    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
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    cat_smith wrote: »
    gdyr1945 where can you get cashback on DR? :j

    Quidco 7% cashback only just discovered this recently.
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