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October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Hi everyone.

    Not been able to keep up with everyone's posts for the past month as I've been working constantly but have popped in from time to time and read a few. Well done to you all, thanks for the motivation.:T
    Since the start of September I have been OS with my grocery shopping and cooking- making stews and soups. I've made a couple of roast dinners (which would have been beyond me a few months ago:p ) and used the meat for sandwiches, stir-fries, pastas and soups etc rather than buying chicken fillets etc.
    However OH and myself feeling overworked and stressed out so there have been more "treats" biscuits and chocolate and beer and wine have been undoing my otherwise super effort :o.
    Also have completely lost count of spending:eek: - I don't think I've spent as much as I used to- but I could be blissfully ignorant- particularly since OH has paid for shopping a couple of times so it won't be noticed in my account. Feel guilty when so many of you are doing so well!!:o

    So Mrs Mc, please can you put me down for £140 for the November Challenge. I'm going to try payday to payday instead of calendar months s I will start November this week. Good luck with your hospital appointments we'll be thinking of you x
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  • Made a suet crust pie this week using Quorn fillets. Might interest any veggies out there and could be made with chicken for meat eaters. Lovely in cold weather.

    8 oz suet crust pastry
    2 Quorn fillets or chunks
    3 or 4 mushrooms sliced or just cut in chunks
    Marigold bouillon powder and gravy granules
    3 or 4 tbsps water

    Slice the onion and fry for a few minutes, then add the Quorn, cut into slices, then the mushrooms.
    Use 2/3rds of suet crust to line a pie dish.
    Put the Quorn mixture in layers into the pie dish with herbs, a little salt if you like it(I didn't use any) and pepper
    Mix the bouillon powder and gravy granules with the water and pour this on.
    Moisten the edges of the base pastry, roll out the remaining pastry and place over the pie, crimping the edges to seal.
    Bake for about 30 mins at 200C
    This heats up well if you have any leftovers. Be careful if you use chicken though. I should think any vegetarian meat substitute would be good, as well as mince beef etc.

    Hope your hospital appointments go well Mrs M.
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  • I didn't do the toad in the hole in the end today, we just had sausages with mashed potatoes and cauliflower, with chocolate cake for afterwards. Tomorrow we are having veggie curry with rice and I'm hoping it's going to be an nsd.
    Ds1 came home with four bananas from his school as they have now broken up for half term and didn't want to waste the fruit. It's difficult to get fruit into him, so as well as making the banana cake I had in mind anyway, I'm going to look at savoury recipes using bananas as he'll have more chance of eating them that way.
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    Finally sorted out my receipts yesterday, and it's not as bad as I thought. Have spent £62.12 so have £37.88 for the next 7 days, my challenge ends on 29th as off on hols on that day. Sig updated.
    Proud to have dealt with my debts!
  • MRSMC - thanks for the Stuffing recipe - shall definitely be making that on Sunday to go with the Roast Beef. Hope all goes well with the Hospital etc, thinking of you.;)

    Making meatballs for dinner tonight, taken a portion of HM Tomato Sauce out of the freezer and shall serve pasta & HM Garlic Dough Balls with it.:D

    Good Luck to everyone with your totals, we're nearly there.;)
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  • EagerLearnerEagerLearner Forumite
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    We have around £45 left for the next 7 days. However on Monday £30 of that will go to ASDA. I am not too worried though as our £120 this month has covered a food/booze shopping trip in France and next week's ASDA delivery which is for expensive bulky items too. This means that overall, October has been a good shopping month, reducing our spend in household bulky items and wine for the Winter months.
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  • Mmm HM garli dough balls ......could you post/PM the recipe please?

    I will have another NSD today as had flu jab yest and today I might as well have the flu I feel so dreadful :( Got high fever, muscle aches etc etc etc but thankfully not the cold part (although I would prefer to have that half of the flu trhan this half ;) )
    Might actually hve a takeaway for tea tonite as I also have a late eye check appointment so won't have time or the energy to cook something!
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  • Mmm HM garli dough balls ......could you post/PM the recipe please?

    princess leia - here is the recipe for the Garlic Dough Balls, I have copied it from my little book that I write all recipes from here on and if my jottings are correct I think this recipe was thanks to mandy_moo_1

    5floz water
    1 tbsp Olive Oil
    1 tsp salt
    Half tsp Sugar
    Half tsp Oregano
    2 cups strong bread flour
    Half Tsp Dried Yeast
    Garlic Clove Crushed
    2 tbsp butter/margarine

    The original recipe says to make the dough in the BM but I just bung everything into a bowl and bring it together by hand and add more flour if too wet, knead for a few mins and leave to rise. I then knead again and shape into 8 balls. Mix the crushed garlic with the butter, poke a hole in each dough ball and place about half a tsp of the garlic butter into the hole and squidge the hole over to seal. Leave to rise for a little while and then bake at 180 degrees for about 10 mins.

    We love these in our house and always make these when I do Spag Bol , lasagne etc for when they have friends over and they are always a hit so thanks again mandy_moo_1:D
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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    I had £50.00 for 2 weeks and with 8 days to go i have already gone over by £5.11 bringing total to £55.11
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  • update.gif
    Hi ladies!

    OH went to Sainsburys last night which is never a good move. He went to get 'I can't believe...' as it was BOGOF but ended up spending another £12 which I shall adjust on my total shortly. Our month ends in a few days but I better wait til the end to declare as he may shop again before then!!

    Fish pie went down so well I have been asked to make it again this weekend which was a lovely suprise. However, M & S have their £10 deal on again and I still have a voucher from my surveys to spend so with any luck I can get another Oakham chicken.

    Hope you are all doing well with your monthly challenges! shop.gif

    Thank you all for the inspiration you give. I don't post daily, but I do read!

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