whats the worst / useless freebie you have received

one of mine was a voucher for free holiday 2 weeks expired:mad:


  • sillyvixen
    sillyvixen Posts: 3,617 Forumite
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    back last year i applied for a freebee of multi-vitamins they ran out but supplied cod liver oil capsuals instead ... i am allergic to fish, i gave them to a friend who could not cope with what she discribed as 'fishy burps' so binned them after 2 days!!
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  • suziedoc_2
    suziedoc_2 Posts: 26 Forumite
    My boyfriend sent me a pointless freebie once, an RSPCB birds in your garden book. I live in a flat and have no garden! He thought it was hilarious.
  • ScENeYmE
    ScENeYmE Posts: 349 Forumite
    a fennel drink for your baby.... I don't have a baby lol
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  • DDonut
    DDonut Posts: 223 Forumite
    A 'hand warmer' thats just a gel pack, with a coin inside ??? no idea..
    Take a break :p Have a Donut
  • judyjetson
    judyjetson Posts: 1,116 Forumite
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    A "jewel" promoting a J-Lo perfume - big ugly plastic faceted thing.
  • littlefairy99
    The hand warmer was a great freebie! You have to click the bit of metal to make it work and go solid! Then boil it to make it go back!

    The worst freebies are perfume samples on postcards :(
  • Ploddy
    Ploddy Posts: 86 Forumite
    Yakult fridge dispenser. Not quite what I was expecting.
  • KittyPryde
    KittyPryde Posts: 2,623 Forumite
    Yeah that handwarmer has been my favourite freebie, i used it all the time in the winter past. As an above poster has said, u have to click the coin inside the gel pack and this creates a reaction which turns the liquid into a solid and releases heat. Then u boil it to get it to go liquid again and keep reusing it etc. I love it, although not much use in the summer hehe :D
  • CBo
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    quite a fun topic this :) One of my most useless freebies was a pink dice from a dedorant company to play a game you have to visit their site to find the rules. A dice game using the internet not exactly the best thing :p Had the 6 missing as well
  • Strangelady
    DDonut wrote: »
    A 'hand warmer' thats just a gel pack, with a coin inside ??? no idea..

    You push the coin 'inside out and the gel heats up within a few seconds. After it has cooled down, you can 're-charge' it by boiling it for ten minutes or so.

    They are good!:money:
    Had my first win! Some head and shoulders worth about £5. :j
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