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I have recently moved house and have a new email set up with Sky. I don't like their Email and prefer to use my own program called "Incredimail". However, I can't get it to work despite following the help guide within incredimail itself. Any clues?

Have Norton Internet Security and have "added" incredimail programme files to my "allowed list" but it's still not working.

It's driving me insane!



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    Have you followed Sky's instructions on which of their servers to use, and whether authentication is needed to send email?

    Do you see any error messages when you try to send/receive within Incredimail?
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    As fwor says have you checked the sky settings? There is a thread here with an Outlook example, if you know Incredimail well enough you should be able to see where to put the info. Sky uses googles GMAIL application for its mail and therefore it is not a simple POP3 setup, you have to go and change the incoming and outgoing ports.

    If the link doesn't help then post back with some error messages :)
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