Disappearing Egg Loan?

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I just logged into my Egg account and had a bit of a shock... for the first time since getting my first loan with them over a year ago - my account is only showing the credit card account. The account links/help and navigation menus are fuctioning as if I never got a loan in the first place!

While it would be nice to have a loan settled just like that (£13500~) - I know that this is probably only a system glitch...

Has anyone else had this experience before? Any connection to the fact that my current loan will be a year old in Oct (and we are less than an hour away) or is it a month end thing?

Well I can hope can't I?
The only computer error is a human one.


  • I have a different but interesting variation. Transferred money from Building Society A to B/S B and the money got 'lost' in the electronics. After much wrangling, the money has now appeared in both accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish I'd been in a position to transfer Thousands instead of Hundreds.
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    I've just noticed this too, that's why I'm here - my own account looks fine, has a credit card & several unfortunately empty savings accounts, but my husband's is only showing a credit card and it should also show a loan and some (again empty) savings accounts. The menus allow him to apply for a loan or savings accounts but like you say they look as if he hasn't got any at the moment - no view statement or management options at all.

    I'm assuming it's something to do with the updates to the site for the Egg Money Monager that they're shouting about at the top of the page? Incidentally, when I tried to view my credit card statement 'an error occurred processing this directive' and there didn't seem much point looking further.

    I'll try it again tomorrow...
  • Ours are all back to normal today, what about yours? Probably just something to do with their site updates...
  • Mine's back to normal too - my savings account seemed to have vanished last night!
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
  • WSOWSO Forumite
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    Mines back to normal too - unfortunately, but as expected...
    The only computer error is a human one.
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