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  • MarkyMarkD wrote:
    As reported above, they bill you directly for this "service". They would then have to pursue that debt through the courts or whatever if you refused to pay. If they didn't inform you of the charge for the "service" before providing it, they have no leg to stand on and their claim would fail in court if you defended it appropriately.

    Agree. And from what I can see, there's no contract between you and TBS so they'd struggle to make it stick. It's a successful scam only insofar that a proportion of victims will be daft enough to settle the bill rather than filing it where it belongs.
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    I would love to know where they get your details from and how if all they have is your number (providing you don't supply them with anything). Obviously where ever they get the info from then this other company would surely be breaking Data Protection Act in supplying your personal details to another company.

    According to their website they give you an option when calling them to hear the t&c (and probably the prices). If so, I believe they should tell you the prices as soon as they answer and if you want the t&c then you press whatever the option is. I can imagine though this isn't true and they don't tell you the cost until you specifically press the correct option.

    As they use a geo number then ICSTIS don't have any remit which is wrong because under ICSTIS rules they would have to announce the cost of the call (whether billed by them or your phone company).

    As I said before it's obviously a loop hole they are exploiting by avoiding being regulated by either ICSTIS or OfCOM. Only really trading standards or taking them to court is our only solution.
  • They dont just use geo numbers to lure people ,they have 0870 numbers,and they send out texts.

    Have a read of this thread for up to date postings of their alleged scams.
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