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problem stone throwers - need some netting

We live next to a park and get a lot of stones thrown at our house. We have 2 young children and worry about them being hit. We have lots of trees planted which generally block them but we have a gap between the trees that's probably about 10 ft wide. We have planted trees in the gap but obviously have to wait until they grow. We would like to block up the gap in the meantime with some kind of netting that can be tied to the trees that have already grown tall.

They have tothrow the stones quite a distance and it's very tempting for them to throw stuff through the gap and I know that netting may attract them even more but there's a hill and a stream between us and them so to get over the netting theywould have to be very very good throwers.

Any ideas for the netting we could use and where we could get it?




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