Any hope in switching/saving?

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I moved into my property on the 15th of April. I received a bill from E-On (which is the supplier of gas and electric at the flat) in the name of my landlord. It was an estimated bill dating from the 1st of April (half a month before I moved in) til the 19th of May (hello, slow Royal Mail).

Anyway. the estimated bill is a bit higher than the readings I have taken. I called my landlord about it and they will be contacting E-On about paying the overdue amount from the 1-15th and will put it into my name there onwards.

So, I heard that the E-On Protection 2009 rate is ending on Monday and I don't want to lose out on saving money but as the previous bill hasn't been sorted out and put in my name I can't change suppliers.

Is there anything I can do? Will capped tariffs be THAT much better for me? And does anyone think that there will be other good tariffs available at the end of next week?

I've attempted to work out on switching sites to find out how much I could save but I don't even know what plan we currently have with E-On. The results varied from my estimated spend being from £770 a year to £13k!

And advice is appreciated :D
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