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Hi - can anyone advise: I put a claim into Barclays last July, still waiting for movement - however didn't realise then that in Scotland, claims can only go back 5 and not 6 years - I claimed for 6, I live in Scotland but the bank is in England, and the charges incurred WHILE I lived in England (!). Wonder how this stands - is it me or the bank that'll come under the Scottish law here?Also, if I claimed back to 2001, if I now submit more claims incurred recently that is then 7 years' worth....I'm getting confused....(and wonder if Barclays would even notice....)


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    You can claim for 6 years despite the differences in law.

    This was certainly the case with me and Bank of Scotland, living North of the border. The bank said at the time iit was easier for them administratively to (wait for it) keep all us "Jocks", happy!! Remember these calims are normally all dealt with in the same centralised location.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
    Please ignore those people who post on this forum who deliberately try to misinform you. Don't be bullied by them, don't be blamed by them. You know who I mean.
    You come here for advice, help and support- thats what I and like minded others will try to do.
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