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  • yeah BOB!
    It is with greatest anticipationistness that I survey your daily rumings of life as a turnip seller (and BTW, my cat is called Turnip!)

    You are a brill layyyydeee.

    Love and other root veg,

    I promise to stay away from your turnip and carrots x
    Empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty heads and empty hearts can do that -Peale
  • "Bob, you're a girl, and you have the same talent for disguise as a giraffe in sunglasses trying to get into a polar-bears-only golf club."

    Top comedy!

    Looking forward to your upcoming diary. You give some really good advice in here so it'll be interesting to see if you can take it too!:p:p:p

    :T :beer: :j:T :beer: :j:T :beer::j
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  • cat4772cat4772 Forumite
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    Happy diarising!

    I still feel when reading these diaries that i'm breaking the biggest taboo of all - invading the privacy of a diary. Never mind, I'm sure the feeling will pass soon enough.

    Good luck

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  • paniapania Forumite
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    Can't wait to stay caughted upped on all your action hon, if anyone can keep you on the straight and narrow we can!! :rotfl:
    debt @05/11/11 £12210.63!! slowly chipping away!!
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    :j Yay, another diary! And its Bob's! Look forward to it, hun.
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  • boredofbeingathomeboredofbeingathome Forumite
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    hypno06 wrote: »
    Turnip - reminds me of our honeymoon :D

    wibble xx

    This has really intrigued me now..I know turnips are well known for their
    throwing properties, but as an aphrodisiac:eek:

    It could be a pet in ..Nah, i can't imagine calling Mr.B a turnip.

    Other, far more interesting, pustilineous,maggoty strewn, expletives are often hurled his way.........must probe further:cool:

    Thanks everyone,:T for your warm welcome. I thought I should after much persuasion (Elantan!!!)

    So where to start on my leeetle plan.:confused:

    1. Have kindly received an e mail From Eager learner, :T about daily clicks, so there is a start.

    2.Have rung around a few places looking for a second job, in the evenings or at weekends. The work will enable me to build up a fund.

    3. I nosied on a couple of other threads..and think i will start an 'ing' savings account. I used to have a current account with the Woolwich, which allowed me to put money into savings pots...and although i have some with my current bank, they are not all accessible..and the rate is pants.

    4. I will try and apply for a new credit card at 0%, to transfer Halifax balance over..about £800, although will have to wait for new statement coming through as paid before i went on break to Cornwall. Am A bit mad at myself, as i had a virgin card which i paid off as they kept putting up the interest rate on balance...i could have taken advantage of 0% Anniversary offer, the same goes for Barclay's, life of balance offers..but i wanted temptation out of the way.

    Finally..hurrah I hear you cheer....I am about to kick young Balder's out of bed, the little tike or should i say... lazy teenage son! has been festering in his half term pit for long enough...

    Now where's that turnip? (found another use!)
    Blackadder: Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words 'I have a cunning plan' marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?
    Still lurking around with a hope of some salvation:cool:
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    i can see me buying more turnips daily they seem to have their uses dont they...

    l like the plan seems good to me remember to use quidco for the visa cards i got £42 for fish (i think it was) never used it but did take the money lol ...
  • boredofbeingathomeboredofbeingathome Forumite
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    I love Quidco, will have a hunt around for good deals...If they let me have one!
    If weather improves, i am doing a car boot at the weekend as well.
    Blackadder: Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words 'I have a cunning plan' marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?
    Still lurking around with a hope of some salvation:cool:
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    I didn't want to take this route, as suggested to Kate/Bob, by her father..

    Her aging father informs her that due to his imminent dotage he must look to his daughter to sustain him, and suggests that the best way is for her to become a prostitute.

    “ Oh, please go on the game; it's a steady job, and you'd be working from home

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Nothing wrong with that suggestion. Go in for it myself but worried about trading standards & "not fit for purpose"

    Stopped Smoking October 2000. Saved £21,840 so far!
  • redsquirrel80redsquirrel80 Forumite
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    Ooh this is a cunning diary! ;) Good luck Bob, look forward to seeing your progress! :)
    [email protected] £10,362.38, now debt free as of 29.02.2012.
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