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    Martin, please don't think my last post was in anyway meant to be having a pop at you. Your site has saved me a small fortune for which i will be in your debt, however all i was trying to point out is that unless you are New to this site and it's concept etc then it's harder for people who have done the big savings to squeeze out the smaller everyday ones to continue to save in the present financial climate as there don't appear to be many articles expanding away from the core subjects you have spoken about previously.

    The weekly newsletter does have a great deal of articles that have previously been submitted by members of the forum re-written and presented as fresh by members of the MSE team, again regurgatated.

    Yes theres the forum, but it has to be said that there are many a great deal of posts removed because the some of the sites moderators, who seem to have taken on a God Like status remove them. I know theres a lot of Spam and the Mods do clean up a lot of the blatant posting, i have myself posted in my signature links to my site which discuss' articles on a similar theme, but i have said i won't post these anymore and i will hold true to that, i cannot see the harm in them as the only revenue they made was click thru ad's of which this site is littered in almost every article written by either yourself or your team, ok i know you say some don't pay but the majority do otherwise this site would fold under the expenses otherwise, it has to sustain it's self somehow.

    I myself have many whacky and sometimes weird concepts of saving money, however i get fed up of posting them for them to be removed, even with No links. They do save you money as they are tried and tested, i just think the site and perhaps yourself need to lighten up a little and explore some of them before the whole process becomes stale.

    Most money savers are made, not born. Unless our parents did a great job (and some do!) we were all new to it once. So I think it's OK (in fact, I think it's a great public service) that Martin runs through the basics ON NATIONAL TELLY regularly. I would even go as far as saying that people who post on these boards aren't the target audience for the show, the newbie money savers are.
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