So overall what did you think of the series



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    I did really enjoy the series but I echo the comments made above regarding the celebrity wallet makeovers. I did find it a bit annoying considering how much money they probably have compared to most of the viewers. It also seemed a bit rushed, getting the celebs in there for under 5 mins. I think it would be far more interesting running a 10 minute feature each week on a member of the public and what they can save.
    Did really enjoy the shows though, looking forward to more in the future.
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    Looking forward to the next series. Can I maybe suggest you look into the following
    - the cost and necessity for car servicing

    Although I did not manage to see any of the series unfortunately, I concur with this. Plenty of posts in Motoring and Public Transport forum with people who have had cam belts snap - the result is a bill often £1000 or more, although the cheaper option is a scrap engine. But prevention is better than the cure!

    Also, a Haynes manual is only £18.99 (cheaper second hand). Fantastic value for money as I am sure a garage would charge more than that for an hours labour. It also details what should be done, how often and how it's done. Even if you don't get the spanners out and grease everywhere it still probably is a worthwhile investment - if only to look knowledgeable when you go to a garage to get the work done to prevent them doing unnecessary work..
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    I agree with coments above - thought the series was really good and the presenting style improved a lot as the series progressed. But I too could live without the celebrity wallet - find it a bit pointless really - and the celebrities normally seem v underwhelmed/ baffled

    good series overall though! looking forward to september!
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    Firstly I'd like to say I really really enjoyed the series, told everyone I know about it and now my husband and mum among others are avid watchers, I would also like a longer show and the feedback I've got from others in work ( a bank ) is that they think Martin although he has a VERY valid point especially in the current economic market he is a little overexcitable and this puts them off, I see there point and I feel if he toned down a bit more people would watch.
    I also think a slightly more advanced programme would be an asset as some people have picked up most of the tips from this website.
    Hope this doesn't seem like criticism but its just the view of some of my collegues/friends
    Can't wait till the next series
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    I liked it, but for some reason it didn't grip me and I had no trouble missing it, although when it was on it went very quickly and I think I watched most of it.
    Didn't learn very much because all the info is on this site. Now I speed read as std and tend to take life at a good speed, but still when I heard Martin talk about something I wasn't that up on, it was hard to take in the information so quickly, the rest of my family would have just tuned out at that point.

    The celeb wallet, waste of time and watching a smug celeb sit there and most of the time be wary about letting too much out, was boring in the extreme, Plus I don't think Martins figures added up sometimes.
    I think the lady was lovely and I am very sorry about remarks re what she was wearing I made after the first show :o

    That forward slash thing was a bit annoying :D like Brucie's knuckle on forehead.
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  • Perhaps ditch the celebrity money makeover as most of them look seriously underwhelmed when told they could save 1-2k per year as some of them must be on 200K + per year, would be better to use ordinary bods as the money saved would be more useful?

    yes, i agree.
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    Loved it :D I do think that the celeb wallet should be replaced with 'real' people. 1-2k saving would make a massive difference to a normal family compared to a celeb.. although I understand the celeb appeal, especially as it's ap rime time show.
    Can't wait for the next series!
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    I too think the celebrity thing should go.

    The format was too frenetic for me to enjoy. I watched quite a few through loyalty to Martin as he has really transformed my financial life. I am most certainly £15,000 better off because of the money make over and advice from the money saving old style forum.

    Also, I don't like the Top Gear audience format with everyone standing around.

    I would like to see a series where each programme deals with a different subject. E.g. one week DFW, one week money saving old style, one week insurance - see what I mean?

    I thought that taking the more extreme end of old style was a mistake. I don't and would never use soap nuts, but I do use a mix of value et. powder and I think it would be interesting to see a comparison between using all the range of something. E.g. top range laundry products through own brand, value, home made and soap nuts. This would appeal to more people.

    I have noticed more money saving gurus appearing in different programmes and some are easier to watch.

    Just one last thing - I know that those of us on here are computer and internet users. However, when programmes say we can go onto this or that website for information, I rarely do unless my interest is seriously piqued.
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    moanymoany wrote: »
    However, when programmes say we can go onto this or that website for information, I rarely do unless my interest is seriously piqued.

    Can I ask why? I don't see the point of refraining from doing so if you're going to learn things to your advantage.
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    Hi folks,

    Thanks for all the feedback... especially regarding the celebrity slot. We've been looking at how to freshen it up. It's important to remember that Five pays for the programme to be made; and we have a balance to mix of keeping regular MoneySavers happy and bringing in new viewers.

    The celeb slot is very much our Marmite moment; and it tends to be new viewers who aren't yet MoneySAvers who prefer it. Yet we'll be doing a full look through of the programme to see how we can improve it... building from this series where in the last few programme we started to get the pacing right... and seeing what else we can add.

    Martin :)
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