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contact lens discussion thread (merged)

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contact lens discussion thread (merged)

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johnkjohnk Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
Posted a question but it seemed to get lost during the forum upgrade.

Anyway, have been with D&A on monthly lenses for half an year, I am thinking of going to internet vendors. However, D&A bluntly refused to provide me with a signed contact lense prescription, which is apparently required to order from internet, saying that by law they are only obliged to provide a normal glass prescription. This seems to contradict with the advice in Martin's article. Anybody knows of any reference to the relevant law, or regulatory body that I could find out the truth?

Thank you.
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  • Don't know what the law is, but I have my eyes checked at D&A and they tried to put me on their monthly scheme.
    I buy my lenses and solutions from and all they require name & address of optician and the date of your last check. As long as your last check was less than 12 months ago then they can dispense lenses to you.
    I can't remember if I asked D&A for my contact lens prescription. I didn't need to as all the information is on the lens packets that they supply to you.
    D&A weren't too happy with me cancelling my direct debit in first month, but as I told them if they only charge £10 a month (rather than £25) I wouldn't have cancelled.

    So if you know your lens details and date of last check is in last 12 months then there shouldn't be anything to stop you ordering on line.
  • I am afraid that I don't know if there is any law or regulator body that you can contact but speaking from my own experience. When I tried to order some lenses online without contact lense description I just gave them the lense details and requested the seller to contact my optician direct to verify the detail which they did and I had my lenses delivered within a week. I suppose you can do the same if D&A won't release your description detail to you.
  • svmitchesvmitche Forumite
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    If you check your direct debit agreement with D and A it should have your prescription on there.

    They would not give me my prescription, so I joined the scheme and will be cancelling before they take the first payment.

    They claimed to me that they could not give the prescription to me until they had checked me and knew that I was getting on ok, so after 6 months of your being in the scheme they should be sure that you are ok with the lenses. It is your right to have your prescription and, as I said, it should be in the direct debit form you signed. If not, as the poster above said, it will be on the end of the contact lense box.

    On a related note, all these people who purchase on the 'net, what do you do about your aftercare? Which opticians will perform lense checks without your purchasing their lenses?
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  • Patr100Patr100 Forumite
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    Surely your right to see your prescription comes under the Data Protection law or patient information access in that you are entitled by law to see information held about you eg doctors notes etc unless there is a good reason under the law to withold the info and I don't think here there is.
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  • they do have to give you your prescription in writing and usually do this on the day of your eye exam

    after that under data protection they have to give you the "details" of your prescription but this could be verbally.

    as mentioned above - most internet companies will just contact the optician to confirm that the prescription you have ordered is correct.
    i have never had any problems with this method and have never found any that expect you to send a signed prescription.

    i have been wearing contact lenses for 15 year and its amazing how much they cost!
    we need them to be able to see!!!
    postoptics used to be cheap, but am not so impressed anymore.

    the cheapest one i have found is in USA, but even after shipping its much cheaper than the UK ones.
    i was paying £20 a month to D&A, i paid £37 for 6 pair from the USA including shipping!


    they do everything for you with regards to contacting the optician etc, you just have to tell them where you had your eye test etc

  • svmitche wrote:
    On a related note, all these people who purchase on the 'net, what do you do about your aftercare? Which opticians will perform lense checks without your purchasing their lenses?

    I use specsaver onlineshop to purchase my contact lenses, so I can just book in any specsaver branch to have my aftercare, though there is a charge of £25, for me personally it's still cheaper than join the scheme at their branch.

    My friends buy their lenses from some other online sellers. They told me that most responsible onlinesellers will recommand suitable opticians for aftercare if you shall need one. I assume that there will be a charge for the service.
  • johnkjohnk Forumite
    432 posts
    Many thanks for all the helpful hints.

    i) D&A initially said that they could gave me the prescription after a check in 6 months time. But now (after the check) they changed and said they would not give me a signed contact lense prescription. They said that they could write me a note with my contact lenses details but that apparently would not enable me to order from online suppilers.

    ii) The online supplier (Postoptics) contacted D&A for my prescription details but was refused citing data protection.

    iii) I offered Postoptics with the DirectDebit form or the pack sheet which has my contact lense details but they said it is not sufficient as a prescription.

    So much hassle made me wonder whether it's worthwhile to change. But I don't like D&A's attitute so try to find some concrete base to argue with them.
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  • i think they must be losing a lot of money to internet suppliers, especially as it costs them to do the initial contact lens "fitting" etc

    they do this for free on their monthly lenses scheme - so its not really fair for us to just get our prescription and cancel our order :(

    however, they should think about ways around this
    e.g. making us sign a contract to stay with them for a minimum period if we take the free fitting service

    its not fair for them to be awkward!

    did the original prescription you got when you had your test have a signature on it?
    i cant remember any of mine being signed... but then again i have never checked

    dont give up - why should you pay 4 times more for the same lenses...

    even if u have to pay for another test - it will still be worth it ;)
  • ashmitashmit Forumite
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    I would suggest that people look round their local opticians and see if any of them have cheap lens schemes - I've found one locally (in Newcastle upon Tyne) that does monthly lenses for £11.95, which by the time you factor in the cost of the solutions on top of the lenses and paying for your eye tests makes it pretty much as cheap as the internet suppliers and much less hassle. They also offer you a free pair of glasses to the value of £75 - I've not taken them up on it yet as I want to contribute to the cost of high index lenses but still, it's a marvellous scheme. If anyone's in Ncl, it's Rowe opticians, near the library behind Northumberland Street :)
  • Can anyone please help wih contact lenses?
    At present I have perfect distant vision but use off the shelf reading glasses. Last week I had my first eye test (I'm 58). Tomorrow I am having a fitting for contact lenses, I am told I have a choice of varifocal or standard soft lenses with one lens for distance and one for close up. With varifocal at nearly treble the price are they worth paying the difference? And, is it possible to wear just one standard close up lens in one eye and nothing in the other as my distant sight is okay? I think that if I ask the optician he may suggest the dearest (more Profit).
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