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'Why BOGOFs stop me buying tangerines…' Blog discussion

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'Why BOGOFs stop me buying tangerines…' Blog discussion

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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's 'Why BOGOFs stop me buying tangerines…' blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.
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  • FrancophileFrancophile Forumite
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    Yes I've done this and found like you that if it's a perishable product, it will more than likely have gone off before I get time to use it. Having gone thorugh all the same logic as yourself I decided that if I can't give the second item to someone to make use of, it is better not to take it as I hate having to throw good food away.
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  • DizieDizie Forumite
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    YES! I do that all the time too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    The main culprit in this household is nectarines. I can't stand them, yet my hubby likes them. I can't bring myself to buy 2 punnets and see one go to waste - I can't stand throwing food away for environmental and social reasons so to buy something that I have no intention of eating is ridiculous!

    I do our shopping online and our Tesco pickers seem to think that if something is BOGOF and you only order 1, you should get the free one anyway. Useful on occasion, embarrassing when trying to explain to the delivery man that you don't want the free one as he doesn't get it! So I just don't order any.

    Feel very pleased that I'm not the only one suffering this affliction of walking away from a bargain!
  • ClarimanClariman Forumite
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    Me too. I often don't buy a product for exactly the same reasons.
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  • calleywcalleyw Forumite
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    Why not get the extra one and give it away to friends, family or if you work take them in work and share them with your colleagues.

    Then you know they are getting at least one of their 5 a day :rotfl:


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  • Im onto BOGOF satsumas at the moment, i think im turning orange as i manage to eat the two bags in a week while im at work!
  • A few weeks ago, Tesco had carrots on BOGOF, but my OH only picked up one packet, as he thought our guinea pig wouldn't each them all in time. I went back for the free one and made soup from them.

    'Free' lunch all week!
  • Badger_LadyBadger_Lady Forumite
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    Oh, yes - all the time. I'm in a constant dilemma about how much fruit and veg to buy, and I often frown at special offers saying, "but I don't want that much!", and I refuse to buy more than I can eat whatever the price.

    I also had a similar reaction to a cooking utensil that a promorions lady was demonstrating in Tesco. She said: "You get not one but two of these utensils, plus all these free gifts, for just £20!".

    My reply: "But I don't want two, and I don't want all the free gifts. Can't I just have one for £10?". Of course, I didn't buy any at all but just walked away...
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  • bob_a_builderbob_a_builder Forumite
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    Im onto BOGOF satsumas at the moment, i think im turning orange as i manage to eat the two bags in a week while im at work!

    I'm with Gary on this one, I get through loads of them, is too much Vitamin C dangerous I wonder :rolleyes:
    I keep them in the fridge, just 'cos I like them chilled, seem to stay juicy for quite a while in there
    + so much better than Oranges, gave up on them years ago, could never get a juicy one compared to Sats or Mands
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    OK I have a confession to make... I think my blogs innaccurate - having read the above I believe it was satsumas not tangerines.
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  • celyn90celyn90 Forumite
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    I must admit I will buy them on BOGOF if I'm going to buy them already as I can normally find a use for them even if I won't eat them - even if that is making orange cake, orange shortbread, juicing or taking them to work and distributing them. Saying that, oranges don't last five seconds in our house so I'd be glad if they were on offer more often :D
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