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car parks charges

in Motoring
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why are we letting local councils charge us fees in excess of £40 plus if we overstay even though it would only cost possibly pennies to pay tje difference is this charge legal as it is again far in excess ofthe real parking charges have we a challenge


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    Yes, it is legal under a provision of the Road Traffic Act. Google "decriminalised parking" (now known as civil traffic enforcement).

    However, note that the RTA does not extend to private car parks operated by private companies. Your relationship with the operator in this instance is purely formed on the law of contract (and possibly tort if a trespass can be established). In these situations it is likely that the rule of Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. v. New Garage and Motor Co. will come into play (i.e. the same ruling that everyone thought might make bank charges unlawful).

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