Internal Gas meters - are they legal &/or safe.

sylphraven Forumite Posts: 700 Forumite
I keep getting mixed messages whether the gas meter I have below my sink is safe or even legal. Different groups tell me different things & non want to claim responsibility (was the same 5 years ago when I moved in & it wasnt even connected). Whenever I have someone fix it, service it or view it from the housing trust I rent from, my gas provider or the guys who fix it etc they blame each other for it being there (everyone elses is outside), the guys who fix it (Dodd group) say its actually dangerous to have them inside & possibly illegal, & they all say to do it themselves they'll charge me a bomb.

Does anyone know if any of these groups should pay for it to be put outside for our safety & save me some money, are they safe to be inside, or do I have to shell out to have it put outside myself as it actually is unsafe.
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  • espresso
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    Why do you think that a meter located externally is safer? What about the gas pipes from the meter (wherever it's located) to your appliances and the appliances themselves.
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  • rarrarrar
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    Except for newer houses, inside is normal and probably safer as it cant be got at by any passer-by.
  • sylphraven
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    To be honest espresso I was going by what the professionals had said who fix it, I thought the meter could have been an area with a higher risk of leaks than the pipes, anyone know for sure?
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  • Canucklehead
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    Good afternoon: There are lengthy requirements re: general and specific siting requirements and acceptable 'suitable locations' listed in my OH's gas 'bible' aka 'Domestic Natural Gas Handbook' aka the Viper Guide.

    Internal gas meters are legal. My OH has worked in many properties over the years (including our own) where the meter has been located under the kitchen is important that access to the gas shut-off lever is unimpeded. In general a minimum gap of 25 mm should be provided between any gas fitting and electrical cables or water pipes (but in practice a minimum gap of at least 50m is more desirable for both meters and pipes). If the meter is located within 150 mm of any electrical apparatus (eg. consumer unit) an 'adequate' shield ( eg wood or plastic) should be fixed between the meter and the electrics.
    I think I've just put myself to sleep;) .It is very expensive to have a meter relocated to the outside wall...we had a quote last year of £500 (it must be arranged via your supplier or designated company...your friendly CORGI is not allowed to relocate the meter.) We passed.


    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
  • sylphraven
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    Very helpful, thank you Canucklehead, as its a rented property I dont think £500 just to move an annoying meter is really the way to go (ouch!) lol.

    Long as its safe I'm happy.
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  • Garz
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    The cost can spiral up in excess of £500 depending on how far, where and new service pipes/digging may add to this. The meters can often be found in the most rediculous of places, Im still finding them above doorways or blocked in by dipstick builders.
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