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Correct paint for timber decking

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George&AdeGeorge&Ade Forumite
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The paint weve used on our timber decking has started to wear away and flake off.
We used Ronseal decking paint.
Should we have treated it first before painting,and would it be best to maybe pressure wash all of the paint off and start again?
We only did it last year.


  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    I dont know about decking paint although I have seen it I just used decking oil last year. I jet washed the decking down and scrubbed any mould with strong bleach let dry and applied 2 coats of decking oil

  • i think maybe we should have treated ours first.
    It certainly looks a real mess now
  • nickj_2nickj_2 Forumite
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    decking is pretreated with preservatives , you can use a decking paint
    try and remove all the previous coats probably a jpressure washer would be your best bet
  • babyangel10babyangel10 Forumite
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    Hi, I used Cuprinol Total Garden Wood Treatment on my decking and have a similar problem to you.

    Info off the tin as follows:
    Cuprinol Total Garden Wood Treatment has a triple action formulation that works in three ways. Active ingredients penetrate into the timber to protect the wood against rot, decay and fungal growth. Water repellent waxes and resins help waterproof the wood against rain penetration. The rich woodshade colours contain long lasting pigments and UV filters which ensure they last up to five years

    Well, it's not even a year yet and already there are patches where the paint has come off. It was applied as per instructions, to new timber decking but where the kids and the dog have been it is flaking off. Now with it being a 'total treatment' that supposedly penetrates into the timber you'd have thought that any top coat flaking wouldn't show so much due to the penetration of the stuff, but it sure does and looks cr4p now. :mad:

    I didn't pay £20 odd a tin to have to recoat it all less than a year later, so I'm going to email Cuprinol to see what they have to say. I suggest George&Ade that you do the same with your Ronseal stuff (although I think that they are the same company?)

    Why should you have to go to the trouble of removing it and redoing it, or even just touching up the bald bits?!

    I'll let you know how I get on with my email if you like :)

  • PretaniPretani Forumite
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    George&Ade, It wouldn't matter if you had pretreated the timber first. I used Ronseal decking oil on my decking and pretreated it with Ronseal Decking Cleaner. Within a year the colour was pealing off, total waste off money. Now I have to remove the Ronseal colour, somehow, and damned if i'm going to use Ronseal cleaner again.

    Anyone know what else I could use to get rid off the remaining colour?

    I'm thinking about using light coloured Creosote.
  • MX5huggyMX5huggy Forumite
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    Creosote has been illegal for DIY purchase and use since 2003.
  • savemoneysavemoney Forumite
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    You can get creosote substitute but I think decking stain is better than the oil
  • will-he-payitoffwill-he-payitoff Forumite
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    I used wickes decking stain and not had any probs, needs redoing about every 2 years.
  • mitchbmitchb Forumite
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    I used Ronseal decking paint 2 years ago and after the first winter it was all flaky \ patchy and peeling off. I emailed ronseal via the link on their website and sent the remaining paint for testing.

    They advised the paint was fine but would supply enough equipment for me to clean and repaint at no cost. They sent 20 litres of deck cleaner and 3 tins of paint. Unfortunatly after this winter the same is happening and it is all flaky and peeling off.

    I wont bother emailing again and will not be repainting, i will try a cresote substitute
  • I had EXACTLY the same problem two years ago, used Ronseal decking stain for decking - cost over £50 for 2 tubs, and that winter the snow took the stain off in great patches. So last summer I pressure washed it off (easily came off) and used Wilkos shed and fence stain/timber care which was about £7 for one big tub which covered it all! - better colour and finish and also in February the water is still beading on the decking - can't believe the quality!! My Dad told me to use that in the first place, I should have listened.
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