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It's looking increasingly likely that my dad, who is suffering from dementia, may have to go into a care home. GP has advised to have some 'in mind' - I've looked at a couple, very depressing - just wandered if anyone has knowledge of any ones they would recommend in Cardiff or surrounding area.


  • Hiya

    Can;t recommend any as I am based in England. Its worth looking at different times, eg visiting thepotential home at weekends to get an idea of staffing etc.

    Care homes are inspected. Please have a look here

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks - some have reports, some don't. I think I'm probably going to have to visit a large number in order to find the right one. Thanks again.
  • Hi Reggie

    Sent you a private message.

    For anyone else a useful guide to finding a care home can be found here

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Has your Dad been fully assessed by a mental health professional,OT etc? or is just the GP who is recommending this? In my experience people who have dementia may be supported at home with the support of a care package depending on their impairment. Obviously if he is at risk then that's a different story and every other avenue has been explored.You may have a local branch of the Alzheimer's Society who could support you and your Dad in the decision or his Social Worker.
    when you do look just turn up unannounced and get a feel for the place.Try not to be taken in totally by the environment because it's the care thats more important. What sort of social stimulation/activities do they provide too?
    Also it depends how impaired your Dad is as to what home he would go to. Some people can be managed in a residential home registered for dementia for people who are not as impaired whereas he may need more serious help if he has behavioural problems.Some homes are dual registered which may mean that if he were to deteriorate considerably he could transfer if they had a vacancy.
    My MIL has dementia and at present she is still able to live in her own home with support from carers.We have done the home investigation and have her name down for several homes if/when the time comes.I hope it never does. She attends several lunch clubs specifically for people with dementia which stops her getting socially isolated and one is at the home where she is registered on their waiting list.They also offer respite which we could use at a later date to see how she settles.
    Good luck with everything.Try not to feel guilty.Big hugs.
  • reggiereggie Forumite
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    He has been assessed, refuses to accept there's anything wrong and won't go to memory clinic etc, so it's a bit of a battle - he has carers, and is meant to go to day care but often cancels. I'll start visiting a few homes and get his name down on those that I like....if there are any...thanks for replying.
  • Be sure that the care home can meet your dads future needs. the home should do their own pre-assesment prior to them offering a place at the home,and inform you in writing of their desicion, this is to ensure that they are able to cater for your dads needs.
    you should also be offered a trial visit. if you are visiting any home you should go there unannounced,. Also ask them to see their statment of purpose and service users guide. ask if there are top up fees, how much and how it is assessed. contact your social services department to ask for leaflets on care homes and paying for care.go onto the cssiw site to read any inspection reports,if the homes you are interested in do not have current reports,(they are produced annually) ring them and request a recent one. you can also check the home out with the local authority's contract and commisioning dept who carry out their own monitoring of care homes.
    i hope you find a good one, and the information will be of help.
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    I don't have much experience of care homes but last Christmas my daughter's brownie pack did a little concert for the folk in Cartref on Roath Park. I went to pick her up and it impressed me very much. That's where I'd want to be when I get older. In fact I wouldn't mind going there now, in middle age! (I believe it's expensive though.)
  • reggiereggie Forumite
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    Things have moved on a bit; Dad now in a nursing home having deteriorated pretty rapidly. He seems to be well looked after, but his dementia has worsened so communication isn't easy. thanks to all.
  • I worked in Nazareth House 22 years ago and it was the unhappiest experience of my life. Things may have changed as the inept manager on my floor (a nun) was moved shortly after I left. the first week I was there I saw a member of staff slapping a woman in teh face because she wouldn't drink her tea. I reported her but nothing was done so this person carried on bullying residents for the next 18 months and she was still there when I left. I haven't set foot in teh place since.
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