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Hi all,

N-Power supply my gas and electricity but about a year back, I moved from them. Long story short and I am back with them but I owe quite a lot of money because of the switch (Souther electric didn't sign me on properly etc)

Anyways, the problem. I have just had my bills in for both and they have said that for the next 18 months, I will pay £83 electricity and £49 gas per month to cover my usage and to clear the balance from both accounts. They estimated that I was £410 in arrears with electricity and £250 in arrears with gas. After ringing them and giving them my actual readings, they have sent me new bills saying I owe £350 elec and £200 gas but have kept my payments at 49 and 83 per month.

Obviously if I do not owe as much money as they thought, they should have changed my payments. Ok it wont save me laods per month but still, I want to sort it. If I ring them, would they be likely to just change the amounts of my payments?
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    They should negotiate but this is NPower afterall...

    Why are NPower recovering the debt? Did SP transfer it to NPower when you transfered back? (It is very unusual for a supplier that is owed money to allow transfer)

    :confused: I have a poll / discussion on Economy 7 / 10 off-peak usage (as a % or total) and ways to improve it but I'm not allowed to link to it so have a look on the gas/elec forum if you would like to vote or discuss.:cool:
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    I stupidly agreed to switch via a door-to-door salesperson. Their rates seemed good etc...

    Anyways after about a week N-Power sent me a letter saying sorry your leaving etc, come back to us yada yada yada.

    Anyways I rang SE up because I had recieved no confirmation from them. To my surprise, they did not know who I was! I suggested maybe a mistake had been made and they said no chance. I asked who was supplying my gas and electricity and they said that it definitelt wasn't them. I rang N-Power back up and asked if they were still supplying it to my house and they said no. Confused? So was I. I asked N-Power if they would take me back and they said not within 30 days for some reason or another and then they said that they would not take me back until I cleared the debt I had with them. SE had notified N-power I was their new customer but not taken my debts.

    Anyways this went on for a few months. N-power would not let me pay them as they were not my supplier, nor would SE. Someone was giving me my electricity and gas!!!!

    After lots of phone calls, N-Power took me back and worked out how much gas and electricity I had used since I left and added it onto my bill.

    I was very unhappy with it all. I will give N-Power a ring and post back my results with them
    LBM - 30/07/09
    Started DMP in Oct 2009, went wrong. Due to start new DMP in March/April 2013. Bring it on!
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