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What's in your wallet/purse?

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  • Lost2Lost2
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    O and also found in the back of my purse
    Nero Card
    a receipt from Salisbury's
    and in the other pocket a
    £85 voucher from M&S :D
    Sealed Pot Number 26
    2009..£950.50 2010..£256 2011..£526 2012..£548.80 2013...£758.88
    2014...£510 2015...£604.78 2016...£704.50 2017...£475 2018...£1979.12 2019...£408.88

  • Nut97Nut97
    57 posts
    I have;
    • Co-op Cashminder card
    • YBS Internet saver card
    • BP supercharge card
    • Nectar card
    • Driving licence
    • £1.39 in change
    • £20 note
    • Receipt for diesel
  • photos please. i'll upload mine as soon as I find the usb cable, must be here somewhere.:)
  • msgnomeymsgnomey
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    lots of old receipts, must clear it out soon!
    Go hopefully into each new day, enjoy something from every day no matter how small, you never know when it will be your last
  • In my wallet I have:
    - College ID Card
    - Driving License
    - HSBC ViSA debit card
    - Transdev student bus pass
    - Vanquis ViSA Credit Card
    - Tesco Clubcard
    - Nationwide CashCard +
    - Yorkshire Building Society ATM Card
    - Boots Advantage Card
    - MyWickes Card
    - NUS Extra Card
    - English Heritage Membership card
    - PayPal Security Key
    - Game Reward Card
    - Tesco Savings Card
    - Natwest ViSA Debit
    - Alliance & Leicester ViSA Debit Card
    - Labour Party Membership Card
    - £10 note
    - £2 in change
    I didn't realise I had that many cards in my wallet until now!
  • Barclays Premier Debit
    Barclays Premier Credit Card
    Barclays Platinum Credit Card
    Co-Operative Bank Debit
    Citibank Debit
    Citibank Credit
    Halifax Credit
    Angel Airport
    and Starbucks ;P
  • What is the Barclays Angel card?
  • Toe-JamToe-Jam
    1.6K posts
    jinkster wrote: »
    What is the Barclays Angel card?

    Its for lounge access at the airport.
  • Thanks - if your a Barclays premier account holder - is it complimentary?
  • LLoyds TSB Debit Card
    Nationwide cashcard+
    Arsenal FC Membership Card
    £275 in cash
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