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PPI Reclaiming discussion Part II

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PPI Reclaiming discussion Part II

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Loans

Please note this thread is now closed as it got so long it was difficult to open.
It's continued in article discussion part III

This thread is for discussing the PPI Reclaiming article.
This is Part II of the discussion, as the last one was so long.
Read part one here
To discuss or ask a question about this article: click post reply
To read about non FOS claims read this thread
Report and read success stories in this thread
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  • Im unsure if i have grounds to be able to claim or not. But i applied/took out my loan with TSB via online banking. I've been told i cannot cancel the PPI, i asked a few mths back as i am now in a DMP and was clearly told 'no'. I cannot remember the online application form and if i ticked the box for PPI or whether it was already ticked and couldn't be changed, i just cannot remember.

    I asked for a statment and can see they charge the PPI all in one sum rather than per mth. Surely i can cancel it and get some of it back as i wont ever been claiming and thus is void now anyway due to being in a DMP.

    Any ideas what i should do???
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  • marlucmarluc Forumite
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    Hi, as a "newbie", I wondered if anyone can help me urgently. Took out a loan via Freedom Finance with IGroup in 2003. Wrote all the letters and in the end told Freedom Finance that I was taking them to Court. They have now put in their defence and deny that I was mis-sold etc. I don't understand half the jargon. I have to reply by May 1st. Is there anyone that could possibly help me? I don't want to write all that was written in their defence, as it would be tooooo long!
    Please help
  • I don't seem to be seeing all the posts for this thread. All I'm getting are the last four posts and no option to go back any further. Is it just me or do i need to tell houston that there's a problem?
  • kpwllkpwll Forumite
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    I've got the same problem, it probably needs reporting
  • I don't seem to be seeing all the posts for this thread. All I'm getting are the last four posts and no option to go back any further. Is it just me or do i need to tell houston that there's a problem?

    Just read the article alert at the top of the page(maybe i should have done that first, doh!). There is a link for part one there. The thread got too long so they started a new one but we can still access the old posts.
  • gt568gt568 Forumite
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    It's a new thread folks....
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  • Kaia_2Kaia_2 Forumite
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    Trying to work out the amount to this the way it works...can anyone tell me if this sounds about right...please .....

    PPI amount was "2021.33 back in july 2002
    So i eed 8% of that , yes?

    8% of £2021.33 = £161.71

    £161.71 divide by 365 = 0.4430

    3334 days x 0.4430p = £1476.96

    So the PPI amount of £2021.33 plus the figure above £1476.96 =£3498.96

    So i need to claim £3498.96....(to date)

    does it sound about right do you think??????? do the calculations seem right?

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated....I need to get this claim in ASAP as I am running out of time.
    Any one been down the MCOL route lately, any tips appreciated.
  • Hi,
    I'm new to the forum.
    I have helped my son to make a claim to Lloyds TSB for PPI using the templates provided by this site ( thanks for those ).
    He was told upon application for the loan (£3000 ) that he would not get a loan without taking out their insurance.
    He has received a reply in essence stating that Lloyds TSB never force people to take out insurance & as the box was ticked ( by computer !), he obviously agreed to voluntarily take out the insurance. They say that they find in their own favour & owe him nothing.
    Can anyone advise please.
  • Hi i am in the same boat i have taken hfc bank to court and i dont understand the jargon either! it says they have 14 days to reply, what happens if they dont agree with my claim? sorry to be thick but its all new to me has anyone else used moneyclaim online? can they explain to me what happens thanx
  • Hi All

    I am reclaiming PPI on my MBNA credit card, they have sent me their final response including a copy of the application form I originally filled in which shows the box ticked. My argument is that i didn't understand that I was accepting an optional policy, how much it would cost me, tat I had a right to cancel and I didn't need it anyway as i already had cover elsewhere.

    Should I now go to the FOS?

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