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A funny thing happened this weekend. I received a telephone call from BT, my telephone and broadband provider, to inform me that in view of my loyalty I had been awarded a reduction in my subscription from £17.99 to £14.99.

I regret this starting me thinking about costs. My brother, who uses Tiscali recommended their service, which according to their website offered a joint telephone/broadband package for £20 (inclusive) per month. Wow I thought and proceeded to change having obtained my MAC number from BT, it was then that Tiscali informed me that my telephone exchange was not incuded in their current scheme but they would offer me a 25% reduction on my line rental until such time that they would have access to the exchange ( didn't know when).

I then contacted Talk Talk, who in turn promised an excellent financial deal with broadband, inclusive of line rental and free UK and some international calls. Wow came to mind again, until I started the sign-up process. This company informed me that the broadband service was not free in my area, but they could offer a full service for £39 a month.

I have retained my contact with BT of course !!

Can anyone explain these anomolies ??


  • Yes there are lots of differences in the prices stated if the ISP does not have their equipment installed at your local exchange. I'm with TT and pay around £30 for broadband, unlimited phone calls free anytime to landlines and the line rental. This would be around £20 if I could get the broadband bit for free - this applies, allegedly to about 70% of the country.

    A few of us on TT were thinking of changing to Tiscali to get the same package for around £20 (it's the line rental that's free with their package) - so thanks for warning me that there may be similar problems.
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