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  • beanielou
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  • nimbo
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    i am working REALLY hard to get it all paid off by June 2008.:j

    (but to be honest i've had a bed month as i had to get new glasses and the fence fell down to which my kandlord replied So? so it might have to be July:rolleyes:)

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  • Gemmzie
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    March 2010 for loans and credit cards - can't move this any due to the loans but would love to bring the cards forward.
    DMP is due to finish 2020 I think
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  • Hopefully before October 2010.
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  • xredwebx
    xredwebx Posts: 156 Forumite
    DFD is April 2009, cant wait!! 13 more payments to go!!!
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  • Jacks_xxx
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    :wave: We-ell...

    We've just got the one nasty "PPI front loaded at the beginning" :doh: loan for £16k which we still owe about £19k on (go figure?! :confused: :mad: )

    I'm aiming for December 2008 (cos I like a challenge!) and we've asked them for a settlement figure cos I think a short term loan and separate PPI would be a better idea for the last leg - but they can't seem to work it out properly :rolleyes: and keep giving us stupidly high figures which I'm disputing. (I'm only happy when I've got an @r$e to kick! :D )

    However, the Snowball calculator is still telling me May 2009. (It was March, but we had a new car / house maintenance / family hiccup.)

    I can't think that far ahead anyway. I tend to think of getting it down to the next £5k by such and such a date and let the long term goal take care of itself.

    And I try to only check the exact total every few months because otherwise I'd make myself demented - especially when we were staring down the barrel of £96700! (It's like dieting - if you weigh yourself too often you go crazy cos it's not shifting fast enough. :D )

    So I'm here for a good wee while yet then!

    Love Jacks xxx :D
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  • savvykaz
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    October 2010 for credit card debt,

    then hope to save to repay secured loan sooner than 2014,

    then mortgage hopefully sooner than 2021!!!!
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  • LilacPixie
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    Hi Everyone.

    Jan 2011 for us presuming all goes to plan. To be honest I would like it sooner but circumstances mean that is looking unlikley unless i win my PPi challenges.
    MF aim 10th December 2020 :j:eek:
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  • Cleosmum
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    According to my saved snowball my DFD is August 2009, but I am hoping it will be sooner, will do all I can to get it done and dusted this year.
  • ElleWoods
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    For me it's Dec 2011, although I'm hoping that some months I'll be able to overpay my CC's so it may be sooner.

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