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RBS Royalties Gold

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
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chowsterchowster Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
Im about to upgrade to this account (the travel insurance alone pays for the account charges), has anyone else done this recently and how easy is it to do.

Also does anyone know what is the grading to get the "gold" Rbs Highline card as opposed to the standard sliver one. One of my friends has a gold one and he has no idea why, always puzzled me.




  • Charges? You are paying charges on a current account?

    As the Royalties Gold A/C pays on 0.5% on credit balances, have you considered biting the bullet and moving?

    For example, A&L's Premier Plus current A/C charges no monthly fee, pays 5.5% on credit balances up to £2500 (until 31/12/2005), provides free travel insurance and offers a 0% overdraft rate for 12 months.
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  • That does sound pretty good, but having heard so many nightmares about missed direct debit payments not sure......... ???
  • That does sound pretty good, but having heard so many nightmares about missed direct debit payments not sure......... ???
    There are tales on here of people having problems changing to A&L because they have not managed the transfer of Direct Debits, Standing Orders etc. well.

    I managed that side of things myself over a couple of months and had no problems at all.  It was a little time-consuming but worth it.  I kept my old account open and 'watched' online as each A&L DD and SO 'went live' and then cancelled (on line) the corresponding one on my old account.

    The satifaction of telling the old bank what to do with their 0.1% interest made it all worthwhile!
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  • pingupingu Forumite
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    i am with rbs
    had one of them reviews last week and only thing the adviser told me is to consider upgrading to royalities cos of free family travel insurance,free home emergency cover plus other discounts/offers?

    i have thought about it in the past but still cant make my mind up :-/

    A&L premier account only offers insurance to account holders single or joint not for the full family.
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    you are on!

    if i had known then what i know now!

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  • MarkyMarkDMarkyMarkD Forumite
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    I don't think that Royalties Gold stacks up at all, despite what you say about the travel insurance.

    RBS RG costs £120 per annum.

    A&LP+ costs £0 plus £48 family upgrade = £48.

    The exception is if you want to go skiing - RBS RG provides 17 days skiing cover, whilst family Winter Sports cover with A&L costs an extra £75. So you could spend £3 more with A&L, if you went skiing every year.

    But then again, the interest rate is far better ...
  • damo101damo101 Forumite
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    Just wondering about the A+L account, i earn over the minimum 1000 a month but changing a jobs and possibly be earning less than the 1000 required - can i set up the account using old payslips and then when/if my salary changes withdraw half my wages and lodge them again to bring me over the 1000 that needs to be paid in every month.? slightly devious but is it technically ok to do this?
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