Bit of a wake-up call recently...

Hello! It's my first time to post here, but I've had a bit of a wake-up call lately.

My spending had gotten out of control; Starbucks was a mainstay on my bank statements - regularly, I would spend £200+ per month there, as well as other random things that I didn't need.

This all accumulated when, at the end of last month due to a banking error, my salary wasn't credited. I literally had no money, and over £600 due out with car and house payments.

It was the first time that I've ever been genuinely scared in my life. I had no savings, and was bailed out by a great set of friends.

I am now on a mission. I've sorted my Direct Debits and Standing Orders out, and have curbed my spending; I'm not going to take my Debit Card out with me to avoid unnecessary spending, and have set up a transfer for an ISA for £200 a month - instead of Starbucks.

I'll update you either weekly or monthly on how I do, and how much money I've saved.

Just today, I've saved £5 by parking in a different place near work! Greatness!

Comments, ideas, suggestions and encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks, MSE's all around the globe!



  • Lorne
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    Well done, keep up the excellent work! :j
    Thanks for the advice Martin! :money:
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  • Thats a lot of coffee!!!
    'What's poignancy grandad?'

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  • BlondeHeadOn
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    Well done, great start!
    Why don't you start posting on the 'Debt Free Wannabee' forum, as there are loads of people there doing the same thing, and you'll receive masses of helpful tips, support, and quite a few giggles. You can keep a diary of your progress as well. It's a brilliant resource.

    Best of luck with your new mission!
  • lindab15
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    Well done and best of luck - very easy for the little things to creep up on you and bite you where it hurts !

    I love good coffee, but it's now a rare treat saved for when I'm doing the Mum's Taxi thing and hanging about waiting for DD1 & friends to come out from their shopping trip etc - feel I've earned it then !

    Using Martin's 'demotivator' is a real wake up call ! I like my job, but not enough to have to spend a week or more there just to pay off Starbucks !

    Keep the MS faith.
  • well done, excellent work!

    Have you thought about doing mystery shopping? I have done some in nice cafes and get paid for it. You could get a nice coffee maker (try freecycle) and a flask!
    Keep up the good work!
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  • thevinternet
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    Ah, the Starbucks addiction...I know it well!! When I worked in London it was at least one coffee and a toastie every day - usually 5 or 6 quid at least! :rolleyes:

    The way I got over my daily need was to buy two or three of the syrups in Starbucks itself in the bottles. Don't worry, they last for ages. You can usually find them for sale by the mugs. When you go in, resist the temptation to buy a coffee!!!

    Then I can make my own Starbucks at home. I find Douwe Egberts (however you spell it) instant coffee to be the most similar in taste to the Starbucks blend.

    Then you just heat some milk in a pan, pour it into a big oversized mug, whack a syrup in and bang, there you go! A caramel latte at a much lower cost. I do make a point of having one every evening as a nice treat to myself.

    If cappuccinos are your poison, you can buy really cheap electronic whisks that will whisk the hot milk into lovely bubbles for you.

    Hope that helps....oh, and ask your friends to buy you loaded Starbucks cards for presents on special occasions - I got a £20 one for Xmas from a friend and I love it, it means I've been able to go 4 times in 2008 without paying for it once.:D

    V xxx
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