Future House Prices, with poll


so anyone who believes that the housing asset bubble has burst, like I do!
Please make your best estimation as to when you think the market will hit a bottom, go on your gut feel and the information you know up to this date. After all thats the best you can do.

Many Regards

Predictions please for the bottom to the housing market 70 votes

1st half of 2008
Davey_2madhousepickledpinkHammersFan 4 votes
2nd half of 2008
elonascopebarrymoneyyellowmonkeytanikk£sugarpants_2 6 votes
1st half of 2009
Magic_Dragonwriggly 2 votes
2nd half of 2009
GonzoPaul_N_4carpetbellyaztec21becky2011logburner_2 6 votes
1st half of 2010
pheadtsstss7Nenenarthur_dent_2turbobobModernSlaveotter1_2Ephemeraredmen9 9 votes
2nd half of 2010
oldMcDonaldMushy61mikelivingstone 3 votes
1st half of 2011
jaypeaqueoushumour01pickles110564kateandpetephlashandysstuff_2boat_girlJadeCripps_2 8 votes
2nd half of 2011
RovercentralBobPropertydreamalittlecaroltMissMoneypennyAudreyIIslipthruMoneySavingMinxDatasafe_2TD5 11 votes
somewhere in 2012
mrsplinterGeneraligps_2bristol_pilotneverdespairgirlthescouselanderpoppy10_2BettiePageixwoodKez100beingjdcLavendyrbrit1234 13 votes
somewhere in 2013
mystic_trevkingkanoPitchshifterAlan_M_2dannyboyceyenigmamPasturesNewSquatNow 8 votes


  • pinkshoespinkshoes Forumite
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    Market varies from region to region, town to town, street to street.

    Any sensible person wouldn't put their name to such a sweeping generalisation.

    I think the bottom of the housing market was er.... 5BC? When did properties start changing hands for money? That's the date I pick!
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  • strongboesstrongboes Forumite
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    I don't think you are going to be bound into a contract if you vote pinkshoes. It's supposed to be light hearted and a general measure of peoples sentiment.

  • GeneraliGenerali
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    somewhere in 2012
    Should've put a 'no idea' option in. I reckon if you can pick the top or bottom of a market then you're either a genius, very lucky or getting it right on the stopped clock principle!

    FWIW, I pick 2012. It's a guess though I admit.
  • RoverRover Forumite
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    2nd half of 2011
    2nd half 2011 for me, Merv told me.
    anger, denial, acceptance ;)
  • A worthwhile theme but I don't agree with the voting options.

    Bear markets are like bull markets. They can run for decades or even generations. When they turn however, they can stay in or out of favour for very long periods. Silver prices have never revisited their tops of 30 years ago. Japanese property prices are still slipping after 20 years. As for Japanese share prices, they topped out at 48,000 a generation ago. At that time, people were speculating as to when they would hit 100,000. Today people are wondering when they will get back to 15,000.In some cases (like bakelite radios) they fall and never recover.

    If I was to be put on the spot I would venture to suggest that property will be cheaper in 40 years time than it is today.
  • fc123fc123 Forumite
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    macaque wrote: »

    If I was to be put on the spot I would venture to suggest that property will be cheaper in 40 years time than it is today.

    Great...so I'll be 84 when prices could be at a level that I could actually klive my secret dream life; penthouse Shad Thames (winter), beach house (summer)......oh well........:rolleyes:
  • Gorgeous_GeorgeGorgeous_George Forumite
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    A quarter past three in the afternoon on 6 January 2016 (it's a Wednesday).

    There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those that don't.
  • ManAtHomeManAtHome Forumite
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    I'd have picked 2015 if only it had been an option... WHERE IS THE BUTTON FOR NONE OF THE ABOVE???
  • heartshearts Forumite
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    Has it reached the top?
  • Running_HorseRunning_Horse Forumite
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    Who cares?

    Prices rise and fall, but as long as you can afford the repayments and don't need to cash in the equity, the level of price is irrelevant.
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