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Bt upgraded to opt2 - no security/identity asked

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
i have just upgraded my parents account to the option2/12 month contract plan.

I was surprised I was able to do this online without being logged into account. I just add to phone number and postcode. I know they send a confirmation and 7 days cancel option to address but it means I could have upgraded anyones account if I know no and postcode.

They sent a confirmation email but it was empty - - nothing at all in it, not even account no/phone number. Not showing new call plan online either. Will give it a couple of days and then give them a ring if not showing.

Have not decided yet what route to take for myself. Don't make many calls.

Either - Bt opt2/ 12 month, Primus/18185 or see what AOL will give me as I have broadband with them but never took up the Calls thing they kept offering (but not sure they are now, maybe because I am out of contracted period now).


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