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Beware Topupdiscount no access after credit

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srinathsrinath Forumite
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:confused: I tried the topupdiscount with crediting £1.50 from my (TalkTalk) land line. But when I tried their access number 020 8180 9090, all I get is a message saying "This access number cannot be reached from your landline. Pls Try from your mobile." I checked topupdiscount for my credit on 020 8180 23 23, it has got £1.50 still there. I complained about it to them and get a reply
"Thank you for reporting the problem. Our services seem to be in working order. There may have been a temporary glitch. Please keep trying and if the problem persists we advise you to check with your phone provider to ensure the service is not being blocked in any way".
Is Topup discount making some money this way without giving service?. Is there any way to make them refund the moneyback?


  • Edinburghlass_2Edinburghlass_2 Forumite
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    I think you'll find it is probably TalkTalk who are blocking it?
  • rajessexrajessex Forumite
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    Looks as though there are a few of us facing the same problem - "Homerhat" posted the same issue.

    I received exactly the same email response - definitely a copy and paste job!
    Spoke to BT / Plus Net and neither think its their fault so called Ofcom - they put me in touch with Phone Pay Plus - the regulators of the premium number industry.

    I suggest you give Phone Pay Plus a call: 0800 500 212 to log your issues with TopUpDiscount. They are very helpful and have offered to pursue this further on my behalf (they have access to people they can SPEAK to as opposed to generic email responses). I have told them to hold off until Friday to see if I get a response; but its definitely worth you at least logging the problems to ensure TopUpDiscount dont think that they can get away with sub-standard / non-existent service just because it is cheap!
  • rajessexrajessex Forumite
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    p.s. i'm certain the fault is not on the side of my landline provider since i have used TopUpDiscount in the past and also use other services such as TopUpNow and TeleTop regularly
  • viddyviddy Forumite
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    same here ive topped up from my landline to get the same message (BT) Used their contact service but no message so far (2days) looking at these messages I dont think I ll get any response. Better call Phone Pay Plus
  • viddyviddy Forumite
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    guys try this number worked from my landline 01617002020
  • samsoft17samsoft17 Forumite
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    Similarly, I am not able to call topupdiscount no - 020 8180 9090 from my talk talk landline. But it's showing £1.50 as credit on 020 8180 23 23.

    Dear Viddy, thanks for ur suggestion, i'll try ur number today evening.

    Best regards,

  • shahidemranshahidemran Forumite
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    viddy wrote: »
    guys try this number worked from my landline 01617002020

    Worked for me, had exactly same problem like OP. I am with Talktalk!
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