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BT(Bl**dy Terrible) there must be someone else?!

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I really want to get rid of BT :rolleyes:
they have been a nightmare, since I moved into a new home in 2005 and first had a account in my name.

There was no phone line so i had to pay for getting one put in, I didn't have the £150 they wanted up front(having just left an abusive partner with my son) so they put it on the bill to be paid off with the monthly line rental, I went for the cheapest option, as i didn't plan to use the phone much,

I got my self a laptop with the small divorce settlement i eventually got, and decided to learn how to use the computer and Internet (something i hadn't be allowed before:o )
I started on dial up, but then looked around for a Internet deal, the best one at the time was BT:rolleyes: , I took there advice on what package to take out...

During all this time the bills where never getting any cheaper, as although i was paying the monthly DD and watching what i was using, they kept charging VAT on the amount outstanding, my argument was once you have paid VAT on a amount then it shouldn't be included in the amount to be charged VAT again!:huh:

Anyway I paid as much as i could and in time I had the bill sorted:D

Skip a few years and they only problem i really had was the incredibly bad Internet speed, paying for 3mp getting 1 at most
and the fact they kept putting the monthly DD up to £50 so i would go on line and change back to £30,:angry: I was tied into a 18mnt contract, then a couple of months before the below happened we looked around to change but unfortunately BT was the best in our area as my husband (met and got married to the best man on earth during this time!:happyhear ) needs unlimited download on the Internet.

We moved out into a different county, this seemed to confuse BT:doh: , as where we were moving to had a phone number, but was last active in April (by that time it was October) we wanted to transfer our service, but obviously would have a different number, BT couldn't do this, :rolleyes2 so i said i wanted to cancel my contract, I couldn't do this either, so i said well if i am paying for broadband and i am not getting it as you say the house doesn't have a line then surly i don't have to pay for the service!?
oh yes i did, for the whole contract, they would take the money even thought no service!:confused:

so they told me i couldn't end the service or line at the old house, till i had i line to move the service to, :mad: which was i nightmare as someone was moving into the old house, and i would still be liable for the cost!

They argued and argued that there was not a line to our new home, even though there was!:wall:
so they sent out a engineer, saying it would cost us £150 for this engineer to find a line, i asked if he finds a line already there (which i knew he would) do we still need to pay? yes! as it is a different company!
we argued this and eventually got it that if they found a line they wouldn't charge, the engineer turns up, cant find the house as they have given him the wrong address, when he does find it says he doesn't even need to come in as he can see the line from the road!:T

Turns out the last people here before us changed phone companies and BT doesn't know who too, so they don't have the line anymore, and this means they need to charge us to have it put back live!:mad: so much for wanting people to come back to them!

This takes 2 minutes of a guy up a pole, plugging back in a wire!:rolleyes:
(our landlord does offer to pay to have there line reinstated, even though they did not OK it for the last tenants to change it! miserable bar-stewards;) )

So we get a big bill £158 for there service, which they take straight out, we complain as they didn't actually do anything, and they say to reverse the DD at the bank, we do that, then about a week later they refund the money again by TT
We phone to point this out, they disagree and say they didn't:wall:

Move on to this week (few months later) and we get a bill for £310:eek:
They have suddenly agreed that they took back the £158
plus have not done the DD but charged every 3 months!

OK we think we will set up a DD again, and pay it off that way, the paper bill states they will take the money on or after the 4th of march....
go to pay some important bills yesterday + buy food and my card is rejected,:o BT have decided to take £158 early and put the request into the bank for it on Saturday!:mad:

this puts us overdrawn on an account we cant go over on, so will get charges/worse history and we couldn't pay the bills or buy food:cry:

phoned them, they don't see what the problem is and want to know why we have a problem in writing, which we have been told will take 3 weeks to get a response from:mad: :mad: :mad:

I am sick to the back teeth of them

Please cant someone tell me::huh:

is there anyone else that you can get line rental and use from without having to still pay BT anything?

does anyone have advise on the fact it was in writing when they would take the money, but then took it early, and they didn't even OK the amount they took?

can you get out of your contract with them, another 12 odd months is going to drive me mad!:tongue:

at the mo we have option one (line rental and minimum calls) plus broadband 3 (the one with unlimited download)

BTW we don't live in a cable area:rolleyes2
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  • Sorry can't offer any advice. When we moved into our new home we were told they would be coming on a certain day in the morning. Lunch time arrives, no engineer so I phone up to find out they had booked it in for the following week?? Didn't even get a sorry.

    My mate had to spend 4 hours on the phone to them the other week to get a phoneline as BT could not understand that she had a line to her front door but the line INSIDE the house wasn't there. She spoke to about 15 different people before getting it sorted. Wasn't really offered a sorry or any compensation for waste of time or the fact that 1 hour of the phonecall was from a mobile and therefore wasn't free.

    I think BT should sort out there customer service once and for all.
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    Sorry, that turquoise colour's too difficult to read.
    Sorry Heinz,:o I'm dyslexic so for me, when typing/reading back, colour on white is easier the black and white!
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  • BexTechBexTech Forumite
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    Other providers can offer line rental, however apart from a couple virtually all of them refuse to do so.

    The reason is although BT are forced to accept all customers for new service, they other providers aren't. So BT have to pay Open Reach to install the line / switch it on etc. Now the other providers don't want to pay this, they don't even give you choice of accepting that it's going to cost you virtually the same as BT charge you as that it what it more or less costs them all.

    These providers want you to go to BT first so they have the pay the install fees, some they may pass on, as these other companies would rather take over a current working line as that only costs them £2.35 instead of the £103.40 for a new line.

    What these providers fail to tell you is they could get Open Reach to do the install for them and they could either swallow the £100+ cost or pass it on to you, like BT do. They also usually fail to tell you that not only will you pay the install fee, you'll also have to pay BT £70 to leave the line rental contract early.

    There's a couple who offer line rental, costs around £115 for the install.

    However it is never wise to have line rental from anyone else other than BT.

    Just use BT for the line rental and put you calls through other providers, like Primus AND Call 18185. Then choose one of the many broadband providers to suit.
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    If you have a complaint write a letter to the highest level person (Head of broadband or CEO) you can find. keep the letter to 1 page. make it short & sweet. Cc it to your local Citizens Advice, local councillor, local MP and you will usually get a swift response & resolution. Post it by recorder delivery and say at the end of the letter that you expect a response by a certain time e.g. 10 days after you post it.
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  • Thanks, a really nice person pm me the email of someone high up in bt, so my hubby is going to write (like they wanted anyway) and email a copy to the big boss!
    in the mean time, we have applied to change broadband and home home suppliers, so no more BT...happy joy!

    and we will get the £158 back by DD guarantee, then pay them off at our level!
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