Money Moral Dilemma: Should Marge stop Lisa spending the glam cash?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Marge stop Lisa spending the glam cash?

Having completed her daily chores and odd jobs around the house over eight months, 13 year old Lisa manages to save all the allowance her mother Marge rewards her with, accumulating a respectable £150. Proud of the achievement, Marge enquires how she plans to spend the cash. She replies "I'm going to bleach my hair blonde and buy a pink mini skirt to wear with my new four-inch high heels".

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  • Wiggly_Worm
    Hmm. If she's smart enough to save the cash, then I'd say she can spend it on whatever she likes. Really.
    BUT money aside, those are not "appropriate" purchases for a 13 year old! Surely Lisa would never have said that purely to see the look on her poor mum's face... ;)
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  • azp74
    azp74 Posts: 603 Forumite
    Unfortunately, I think Lisa should spend the cash. It was money she earned that she's saved. Yes, she is wasting it, but I think the inappropriateness of her purchases needs to be addressed not in terms of "you can't spend the money like that" but in other ways.

    Also ... you'd hope that, after she's blown it, she'll realise what she's wasted - as long as her parents don't capitulate and pay for the day out/book/movie/etc that she wants the next week.
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  • emily_jackson
    I think that Marge, as a parent, has a resposibility for controlling (to an extent) what Lisa buys.
  • stogiebear
    If she's smart and sensible enough to save up all that money she should be allowed this 'wild' adolescent rite of passage with her parents support. We all have to look like a prat when we are young. It's part of being young.

    I'd be very proud to have kids who managed their money so well, regardless of how they dressed!
  • Marisan
    Marisan Posts: 96 Forumite
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    Well,I don't think that Marge should 'forbid' Lisa from spending the cash on what she wants.Lisa did,in all fairness,earn the money and it is hers to spend how she likes.Marge could try suggesting other things that the money might be better spent on,but if Lisa insists on her way,Marge should let her go ahead.Lisa will learn in time that money is not easily come by,and the excitement of her new purchases will soon fade.It's a lesson we all have to learn (some of us later in life than Lisa!)
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  • toadhall
    toadhall Posts: 369 Forumite
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    in our house with 3 daughters, it simply would not happen, Marge should not forbid but strongly discourage it.
  • robnye
    robnye Posts: 5,411 Forumite
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    a compromise is required - my 13 yo dd3 would not be allowed to wear 4 inch heels, let alone buy them even with her own money, also the bleaching of hair would be a nono - perhaps a couple of highlights.

    whilst i would commend her for doing the work and saving the money..... as a responsible parent i couldnt let her spend it how she wanted too.
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  • JimmyTheWig
    JimmyTheWig Posts: 12,199 Forumite
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    In theory of course she's allowed to stop Lisa from buying anything she wants - what if she said she was going to use the money to buy cocaine?

    In this instance I think discouragement (e.g. money paid for odd jobs will go down in the future if you use it inappropriately) and compromise (e.g. highlights (as per robnye) but no heels or mini skirt).
  • JayD
    JayD Posts: 701 Forumite
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    I think that Marge should have serious talks with Lisa about how she spends the money and insist that she tempers down her original 'glam' plans.

    Although I see Lisa's plans as totally inappropriate for a 13 year old, (and I do not see the school readily accepting the new hair do), in my experience, it is not easy to prevent a determined 13 year old from buying such things.

    So, if the serious chat doesn't work, then confiscation of said purchases and a compulsory re-dye would be my choice.

    Either way, if there was a way to prevent my 13 year old daughter wobbling about on 4" heels in a mini skirt with bleached hair, I would take it - and what I couldn't prevent, I would cure.
  • Dorrie
    Dorrie Posts: 66 Forumite
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    The senior school that my 13 year old daughter goes to allows the students to dye their hair as long as it is a natural colour (i.e. not green/pink/bright red), and my daughter has gone in with jet black hair.

    I think the daughter should be allowed to spend the money as she earned it. That's not to say that the parents have to allow her to go out in 4 inch heels and a mini-skirt! Again, it depends on exactly how long the mini skirt is!

    My daughter went through a goth phase and bought shoes that had 3 or 4 inch wedges. She soon got fed up of falling off them!

    Also, with the mini skirt, the girls have to wear a kilt to school, which can only be bought at a local, expensive, retailer, and most of them roll the kilt up at the waist, making the skirts very short. The school does what it can to prevent this but you still see loads of girls walking around town looking like tarts.
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