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talktalk and compensation

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right i will try and brief as poss.
basically 7 weeks ago i found my orange broadband, which plugs straight into a bt landline, had stopped working. i called orange and found my bt line had been slammed by talktalk. through ofcom i got in touch with them and they have accepted liability and are going to pick up the costs of,
-the bt disconnection fee,
-the reconnection fee from bt,
-my orange broadband fee (as it doesnt work with a talktalk line)
-and i have also managed to get off them a list of all the customer services calls i had to make to sort out their mess.

my question is does anyone out there have any experience of compensation regarding:-
-the fact i was without broadband for 6 weeks
-the time i took to make all the calls to arrange my problem to be sorted, not actual payment for the calls but the time i had to take out of my day to make them
-and finally all the hassle this has caused me

talktalk are asking me for a figure and obviously to justify it all. im wondering what joy other users have had in getting compensation from phone companys

thanks y'all!
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