Talk Talk diconnecting me

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Just wondered where I stand. I have had problems with Talk Talk for a year now. I never receive my bills, i stopped my dd as a dd got returned because I didn't have enough in the bank, I didn't have the bill so i didn't realise it was an expensive one. I have called on many occasions to get my bills sent to me. I haven't paid them for 3 months as I have not received my bills or any letters to say I have outstanding payments. I have not paid my Dec bill as they told me over the phone that it was £70 (for 1 month!) and I wanted an itemised bill as this sounded expensive!.
I have now received a letter saying sorry to see that I am leaving to go with another company, so they are disconnecting me! Just wanted to know my rights as to this as after 4 times of asking for my bills I still have not received them, so how am I supposed to pay bills I never get?


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