Smashed bus shelters

in Wales
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I live in Thornhill,Cardiff which is considered a nice area to live. But I have noticed during the last year on my route(s) into the town centre a spate of smashed bus shelters. I can go a mile or 2 down the road between Thornhill , Llanishen and Birchgrove and every pane in every bus shelter is completely smashed.:eek: I can only presume a gang is going round (possibly in a car???) smashing them for fun:mad:
This happens at least once a month if not more.
Has anyone else seen this in any other areas too maybe?
It makes my blood boil, mindless vandalism:mad:
Rant over
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    you're not alone, you see the same with (what little) public phone boxes are left too
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  • fraid you are not alone here, seems to be widespread across cardiff. i moved to st mellons about a year ago and it happens there and it also happens in cyncoed! i've seen it recently on the bus stops along cyncoed road and also on the pentwyn road stretch from aldis going right up towards asda pontprennau...

    the same can be said for graffiti or 'tagging' bus stops....that seems to be on the increase :angry:
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  • Yes i live in Cathays and when i am taking my daughter home on the bus in the afternoons from school there is always glass all over the floor as well as annoying this is a safety risk as well. The bus stops i'm talking about are usually full of high school kids, i don't like to blame them for all of the vandalism but i have had a few incidents where i have seen things and have actually phoned one of the local high schools twice to report the pupils.
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