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Nationwide - Extremely Poor Service

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  • 3plus13plus1 Forumite
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    poet123 wrote: »
    I am also looking at it as a Nationwide customer with what could be considered as a dormant chequebook......I have not been written to,so am I safe to write a cheque:confused:

    And that's why I'm concerned. If their procedures failed me, then what is to say that they haven't failed anyone else? I don't think it's unreasonable for me to want them to find out what exactly went wrong, so that they can prevent it from happening again. I mean, how often do most people write cheques? It would be so easy for so many other people to get caught out like me - but for the repercussions to be more serious.

    At first I was told that one cheque had been "reported lost", but the rest of the chequebook would be "fine" - some time later, I was informed that actually the entire chequebook had been stopped. Hadn't been reported lost by me, as they initially tried to make out, but the chequebook had been stopped by them.

    They said that it was their policy to notify customers three weeks before cancelling a chequebook due to inactivity, but that there was nothing on my account to suggest that this had actually happened. I would say that this is as close to an admission as possible. :confused:

    I was initially told in the branch that if my landlord has to pay any bank charges, that these would be refunded upon written request. However, I was telephoned an hour later and when I posed the same question, I was told that any request for a bank charge refund would be passed to "Head Office", where it would be "considered".

    It just infuriates me how they can admit that they caused a problem and potentially refuse to pay to resolve it. I'm not even asking for compensation for my time - I just want them to put things right.

    I asked if I should write to "Head Office" directly, if they were really the people with the authority to resolve things, and I was told to write to my local branch. Upon pressing this further, I was told that if I wrote to my local branch, they could forward on my letter to "Head Office" "more quickly". I don't understand the logic of that. :confused: If they admit that they would just pass the letter on, why should I not write directly? I hate to suggest that they might not pass the message on, but I'm struggling to come up with a plausible explanation for why they would not want me to send the letter on myself.
  • I would ring and ask for their complaints dept and write directly to them, I suspect branches would be reluctant to pass on anything that may suggest they were less than competent,or maybe I am cynical!!!!!
  • 3plus1 wrote: »
    I'm a bit confused as to why so many people have leapt in to support Nationwide, when I do feel, as you said, that I have lost some of my good name. Apart from the fact I think it's embarrassing for anyone when a cheque bounces - I'm an accountant. I'm meant to be good with money. Having a cheque bounce makes me look as if I don't know what I'm doing in my job. :(

    Me too, me too :confused::confused:
    Hate and I do mean Hate my apple Mac Computer - wish I'd never bought the thing
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    Please stop using the word "of" when you actually mean "have" - it's damned annoying :mad:
  • meester wrote: »
    The whole thing is barking mad. Why are they cancelling chequebooks? Cheques have to clear, if they receive a cheque after a few years of non-use, they just call up the account holder and verify whether it is fraudulent.


    Exactly - spot on
    Hate and I do mean Hate my apple Mac Computer - wish I'd never bought the thing
    Do little and often
    Please stop using the word "of" when you actually mean "have" - it's damned annoying :mad:
  • poet123 wrote: »
    What is unusual about writing a cheque??????

    They may not be as common as they once were but most of us retain the facility to write one.

    Nationwide failed the OP. and by their own admission never informed her of the procedure they were about to enact.

    If you pay cash for a deposit there is no paper trail, which many people consider important in that kind of situation. That is not the issue however, Nationwide may have their procedures but they have a duty to tell the customers and not just arbitarily take action. It is the OP's money not theirs

    Again spot on - nice to see some more common (maybe that should be uncommon) sense entering this thread :T:beer:
    Hate and I do mean Hate my apple Mac Computer - wish I'd never bought the thing
    Do little and often
    Please stop using the word "of" when you actually mean "have" - it's damned annoying :mad:
  • chuckleychuckley Forumite
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    op, check your contract for charges on bounced payments? as some landlords put in a charge of roughly £30 for bounced payments.

    i usually use cheques for rent really. as i thought a lot of people still do. i do find it odd they are cancelling chequebooks tho... im gonna check my banks for that.
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