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Nationwide - Extremely Poor Service

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  • The whole thing is barking mad. Why are they cancelling chequebooks? Cheques have to clear, if they receive a cheque after a few years of non-use, they just call up the account holder and verify whether it is fraudulent.

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    On the subject of Nationwide my FIL was furious with them last week. They bought out his building society and the cashier in his branch said they were not going to honour the rate on his ISA's. He asked to withdraw them and was told that Nationwide will charge him £30 for each ISA and that any other building society will charge him £30 for moving it to them....

    After a hour on the phone to CS he established that not a word of that is true and obviously the cashier in this case just hadnt got a clue what she was talking about. FIL isnt happy with their service at all of late and is seriously considering moving all his money out.
  • When complaining to Nationwide, complaint in writing to the branch in the first instance & if you do not get an acceptable response complain to member services (Always worth asking them to confirm the address for member services when writing your complaint).
    They are targeted on complaints to member services so they will respond to being hit in the pocket as we all would!
  • What is unusual about writing a cheque??????

    They may not be as common as they once were but most of us retain the facility to write one.

    Nationwide failed the OP. and by their own admission never informed her of the procedure they were about to enact.

    If you pay cash for a deposit there is no paper trail, which many people consider important in that kind of situation. That is not the issue however, Nationwide may have their procedures but they have a duty to tell the customers and not just arbitarily take action. It is the OP's money not theirs
  • poet123 wrote: »
    and by their own admission never informed her of the procedure they were about to enact.

    This is what the op said,
    3plus1 wrote: »
    The building society staff do not think I was written to, and I certainly have no reason to believe I was either.

    What is do not think? How would they know? That is not the same as "by their own admission"
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    Your landlord won't have been charged for the cheque bouncing, if he's tried telling you otherwise then he's lying to you (and shouldn't the cheque have been going into a deposit protection scheme anyway, not his personal bank account??)

    I'd be surprised if he wasn't charged. It's a common practice and if he is charged then Nationwide will be liable to refund you if you have to make repayment to your landlord. Nationwide clearly made an error here in stopping payment without notifying their customer. I'm surprised that anyone argues against that! A complaint should certainly be submitted and at least a letter of apology obtained (and a refund of any charges which you have paid to your landlord, if any) but that's probably all you will get and I suspect that that's all that you want, quite rightly. The days of laboriously checking signatures, dates and amounts on cheques are gone and computer systems have taken over to flag up unused use of chequebooks etc. It's cheaper to make restitution that pay extra staff to do the checks!
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    I think the OP has a right to be upset that his cheque failed to clear, through no fault of his own. We have just presented a Nationwide cheque to a heating engineer in payment for a job he has done. Although it is a considerable time since we last used our cheque book, I also, would be very upset if Nationwide, without informing us, decided to put a stop on our cheque book. I'm slightly worried now that similar could happen to us.
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    This is what the op said,

    What is do not think? How would they know? That is not the same as "by their own admission"

    A rather pedantic response:D "do not think" is really an admission that it did not happen in my opinion. If they do not know then they should know,some kind of record is surely kept of the operations,so if that record is not present, then it has probably not happened.

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    "Oh, have Nationwide now employed Mystic Meg (wondered what she must be up to now) to psychically tell them that there was nothing dodgy about this unusual transaction" quote

    How exactly is this a dodgy transaction? or unusual?

    Banks would err on the side of caution and if there was a way they could absolve themselves from responsibility then I suspect they would.

    I am also looking at it as a Nationwide customer with what could be considered as a dormant chequebook......I have not been written to,so am I safe to write a cheque:confused:
  • All banks are as bad as each other. I have just had a tenant who normally pays me by s/o but the payment didn't go through. He has been my tenant for 8 years and a super so I knew there was something strange going on.
    It turned out he had written some post dated cheques which had been banked by the recipient regardless. This left him seriously o/d so my s/o didn't go out. The bank took no notice of the dates on his cheques and so let them through knowing he had no money to pay them. The cheques didn't bounce??? they were made out to inland revenue! If they had been made out to anyone else the bank would have stopped them. As it was HSBC let the cheques through and then charged him for being overdrawn and unathorised payments and his fee was £116.:huh:
  • This is because it is actually not allowed to post date cheques. The basis of a cheque is "pay to bearer" so if you deposit it,it can be cashed. No date checks are done now,so if you make out a post dated cheque you need to be aware of that.
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