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  • The best way to save money on energy costs is to consume less. Insulation, and turning down thermostats, will make more difference than switching tarriffs or providers. After all, the energy suppliers all buy their energy from the same wholesale markets and have similar overheads.
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    Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 Consumptions were -

    Gas - 11,408 Kw/h (1004 Cu M)
    Elec - 7068 Kw/h

    Currently on Click Energy 5 which isnt the cheapest that BG offer, web saver 3 is the cheapest with a £30 penalty for each fuel before dec 09. Ran a few quotes based on the above, and it appears that they are the cheapest in my area for Elec, and the 3rd cheapest for Gas. Atlantic Electric & Gas are the cheapest, but ive never heard of them. Prob not worth the hassle for £40 & review at christmas.
  • i have been going through £25 a week just now even though im not using that, im going through double what everyone is in my building is, £4040 just over the last 2 and a half years, been screaming and shouting they r only going to give me £237 compensation just now so i got some experts in to deal with my case :mad:
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    my last quarterly bill was £28 but that's for electricity and gas
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  • Good work dave!

    £26.46 for the last quarter. I didn't use any gas.
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    Electricity only. TINY one bedroom "house". No dryer. 1 laptop, 1 pc. 1 TV.

    2 adults. Only home nights & weekends and try not to turn the heating on much :(

    1 storage heater downstairs and one tiny heater in bedroom (rarely used).

    2006: £815
    2007: £910
    2008: £1010
    2009: already £750 - not yet done winter...

    Prepayment meter...
  • Kylie

    What time is cheap rate for electricity? What time are the storage heaters / water set to come on?

    I know it's from the department of the bleeding obvious but some people over look these things but that looks high for a tiny one bedroom house.
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    We have not yet turned the storage heater on, but when it is, my fiance manages that because I don't understand them. He assures me he keeps it running efficiently as possible.

    The water - we only get about 10 mins. worth of hot water at a time. It's down to a normal temp. I don't know about the timings though. I will set him on it tonight.

    When I called EDF they told me it was a normal cost that I pay, but looking at everyone else, I think she was fibbing...
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    Work people here tell me £85 for electricity (no gas) is normal for 1 bed.

    Now I'm confused.
  • Kylie wrote: »
    When I called EDF they told me it was a normal cost that I pay, but looking at everyone else, I think she was fibbing...

    Have you used a price comparison site like


    One years actual consumption in kWh gives a more accurate list of tariffs.
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