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any views on the area around cardiff bay ???? good place to stay houses?????? location?


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    Cardiff Bay is a "regenerated" area, so you have cinemas and restaurants surrounded by new flats which are themselves surrounded by more dilapidated areas. I would possibly consider living there if I was single or a young couple, but it is mostly flats and mews-style houses.

    I believe Cardiff Bay may be the source of Cardiff's high rate of car crime (to be positive, for most other crimes, Cardiff is below UK average).
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    i live half in grangetown half in the bay and love being so close to the bay and to town. i can stroll comfortably to the heart of either within 15 minutes. shopping, sport, entertainment - its all there.

    i dont think i could live in the bay on account of the fact that the apartment lifestyle isnt for me - im very much a traditional victorian terrace type of person rather than penthouse suite. in terms of location however im very happy and would recommend it as a place to live.

    did you have any specific questions about the area?
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  • I love the Bay - loads of interesting restaurants, different things going on and lovely to walk along in the summer!

    I'd be wary of getting a flat in the area tho - loads have been thrown up recently. They seem really expensive compared to a house in Grangetown or Splott, which are both nearby. I lived in a brand new flat just outside the bay area and we had no end of problems because of the construction methods used. And the walls were so thin you could hear a toilet flush from the other end of the building! Guess not everyone would be that unlucky though!

    There are some nice slightly older houses (c1980s) and flats (some in old converted buildings) near the Wharf pub (Celerity Drive). That's the area I'd go for if I was going to live in the Bay - it's an easy walk to town from there, unlike some of the other parts.

    Back before the regeneration took place they used to have a jazz festival - lots of bands playing in the pubs and on the street. Don't think they do it any more. I went once when I was a student (11 or so years ago) and it felt really daring as the bay had a bad reputation then - we were all scared that someone would do us some mischief! Seems strange now with all the changes that have taken place...
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    I chose not to live in the Bay. I felt it didn't offer me the more traditional lifestyle I was looking for (I was brought up in villages/rural/small places) and it's all a bit overwhelming with all those identical flats and endless roads.

    Also, the rental prices are higher than you can get in other parts of Cardiff.

    However, your original posting didn't give a clue as to whey you were asking so it's difficult to be specific.

    I thought it would quite often be bleak/lonely to live in. I worked with a girl that had rented a flat there and she said it took her three weeks to learn how to find her flat, but I don't know if she was just dim. She had to find it using GPS all the time.

    I've been down there with a local and he couldn't direct me to where we were going.

    I've now found a very easy route in/out on one side. But the East side approach can be very confusing.
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    Penarth is very nice, i lived in the Marina to start and have now moved to a house in Llandough.
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  • woodfairy wrote: »
    There are some nice slightly older houses (c1980s) and flats (some in old converted buildings) near the Wharf pub (Celerity Drive). That's the area I'd go for if I was going to live in the Bay - it's an easy walk to town from there, unlike some of the other parts.

    Very handy for town, yes, but the year I spent there was awful! Not in terms of area, but in terms of property. Our 2 bed semi had NO CENTRAL HEATING! Naively, we didn't think about that when we moved in in June. Consequently, we had mould monsters that emerged from all corners and spread across ceilings - our landlord's solution was to paint over it... We also had a shower that watered the living room. I'm glad we got out when we did, I'd never live down the Bay again!

    I'm much happier in our 3 bed terrace up the Rhondda - maybe not so classy, but plenty nicer than my time in the city!
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