112.70 train to newcastle any1 do better?

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    If you've got a pigsback account and book using south west trains (works for any journey) you could get half your fare back in points which can then be converted to vouchers (Boots, Arcadia, Lesiure Vouchers).

    That's amazing! I never realized that you could get 50% back by going through SWT via Pigsback! Definitely going to go via that route the next time I book tickets.

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    i use the car all the time so get loads of use on road tax, insurance,i never said i couldnt afford the car so calm down matey, not really the answer im looking for.

    im looking to travel at 11.30 am outwards
    12.30 return.

    wow is it really an hour quicker going thru london. could i have the details you typed in please.

    thankyou evry1
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  • I would never travel long distances again on a train with my kids. You reserve seats and they either haven't been reserved for you when you get on the train or some other person is sat there refusing to surrender the seat. 9 times out of 10 you end up with your whole family crammed in the corridor next to the stinking toilet and about 20 other people. NEVER again. I travel by National Express wherever possible now if public transport is the only option. It's much cheaper and you are guaranteed a reasonably comfortable journey.
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  • hi thanks to all who helped.

    i have now booked my tickets for sat instead of fri, that way i can still travel cheap without having to go via london first.

    i got 36.50 there and 27.05 return with ease coast. thanks for that post.
    What goes around - comes around
    give lots and you will always recieve lots
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