AOL are blocking my emails from 18866

rcollins_2 Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
I've just logged into my account on 18866, and have been told that AOL are currently blocking emails from this provider hence i am unable to receive my invoice. Is this something that can be resolved or will i have to get a non-AOL email address. If so what is the best way of getting another email address?
Sarah x


  • Prudent
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    I am having the same problem. >:(
  • vinnieboy
    vinnieboy Forumite Posts: 74 Forumite
    Ring/email AOL and ask for an explanation ?
  • thefirs
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    Open a Yahoo! webmail account and change your 18866 profile.

    This will get round the immediate problem, but the longer term one is to bite the bullet, act like a grown-up, get an ISP who treats you like an adult, and ditch AOL. The change in email address will cause you a bit of grief in the short term but you'll reap the benefit in deciding which emails you wish to receive, and save money.

    I've constantly been amazed how people continue to put up with the nanny attitude of this provider, and you have to pay them top-dollar into the bargain.
  • D.A.
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    I've constantly been amazed how people continue to put up with the nanny attitude of this provider, and you have to pay them top-dollar into the bargain.

    Ah, but it's like BT for home phones - people never bother to check out the alternatives, so blithely assume they're getting a good deal... :-(
  • Welliesorter
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    Most mail providers that have spam filtering give you the ability to say that messages from a particular sender aren't spam and should be allowed through. Don't AOL offer that facility?

    Yahoo! Mail filters messages it suspects to be junk into a 'bulk' folder. You can view the contents and click a 'not spam' button if you don't agree with the decision to dump a particular message. This helps to train the filters and ensures that you'll receive messages from that sender in future.
  • rcollins_2
    rcollins_2 Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    I've spoken to AOL and they tell me that they block all emails from servers that they suspect of sending Spam. Still didn't really help me so i've also set up a Yahoo email account. Just one step closer to ditching AOL altogether and joining Wanadoo. Thanks for the advice all.
    Sarah x
  • Bani_2
    Bani_2 Forumite Posts: 35 Forumite
    I have had this problem as well.
    On saturday started a "chat" with AOL CS, after 20 mins gave up with him/her as they didn't want to understand the problem. Started with another CS rep who was more helpul after a while and promised to refer the matter to their "email unit" and told me I should get a reply in 2 days.
    No response yet; I will update when/if! :)
  • Paul_Varjak
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    It is a nuisance changing E-Mail addresses. I had to do this when I ceased service with ORANGE.

    So I got my own web address with free E-Mail diverson. I only have to pay just pennies every two years.

    I then signed up with an E-Mail provider and use the E-Mail diversion to divert E-Mails to a real E-mail address.

    If I ever change E-Mail providers I only have to change the E-Mail diversion and not the E-Mail address to all my contacts.

    If I ever have my own website then my website will be the similar to the E-Mail address and, again, I can divert the website address to anywhere I want.

    The cheapest company I know of for E-Mail/Web diversion is
  • elfmay
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    had this problem with AOL too just adding the emails getting blocked to your address book usually works. 18866 is [email protected] have this in my address book and recieve emails, invoices no problem :)
    I need someone really bad! Are you really bad?
  • koru
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    rcollins: I encourage dropping AOL, but please do not switch to Wanadoo. They have a dreadful reputation for customer service. There was a recent survey in Which? magazine, which confirmed this.

    Check out the reviews of ISPs like freedom2surf, Zen, eclipse, plusnet on ADSLguide:

    I would also like to support Paul Varjack's suggestion. Another company to try is 1&1 :;jsessionid=F2EDAD0365FAC316B169B29770B0DB1A.TC31a?__frame=_top

    They charge £2 to register a domain name for you. So, for instance, you might try to get the domain name, or if that one is already taken, try, or With some experimentation you can soon find one to suit you. Then, you can set up as many email addresses as you wish. eg, [email protected]. You can keep these e-mail addresses for as long as you keep paying to re-register.

    What is really cool is that you can use different email addresses for different situations. Let's say you want to register at a website - say Amazon - but you are worried this might be a source of spam. So, give them the email address [email protected]. You can set this up so it just forwards to your normal e-mail box. But if you ever start getting offers for cheap Viagra, using that address, then just set your e-mail software to automatically delete any e-mails to that address. Plus you can give Amazon a hard time, because you know they are the cause of the spam.
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