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    I keep getting oodles of insurance (car and home) leaflets from barclays and nationwide (maybe more but these two have sent the most and more recently) stating their price-match policies. Some have refund the difference some a precentage more on top, some double the difference.

    I am not sure if they include matching on on-line quotes ??
    There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  • Comet - I would not shop there again if *at all* possible. Price promise, or not!

    I could not agree with you more, I consider that the after-sales service is so pathetic that I actively advise people to avoid them like the plague

    I wish I had seen this before! I ordered a present for someone. Comet confirmed my order and delivery date by e-mail and never showed up...
    A day later I called them (needless to say that they were not nice at all on the phone) and it turned out that because the billing address (my address!) is NOT the same as the delivery address - they just cancelled the order. Of course (?) no notification mail (call?) on such action... By the way, on their web site there is clear separation of the billing and delivey address (separate section if you are paying for someone else!). After 2 long phone calls from France where I live (and I guess it will cost me a lot!) the only thing I managed to force out from them is that apparently they will refund the delivery charge. I wait to see that!

    So... comet? ****NEVER AGAIN*********
  • Welcome to the boards Agi, sorry your first post was in connection with Comet. I can assure you that it's not just me being biased against them, have a look on the vent board and do a search for Comet.
    One thing puzzles me, you say you live in France, I understand that Comets parent company (Kesa) is french. Do they not have an equivalent "customer friendly" chain of retail outlets on that side of the channel ?
  • In fact, I ordered something as a present for someone who lives in the UK and that seemed to be the easiest way to do so. Finally they delivered this week, however I am still waiting to see the refund of the delivery charge.. not that the amout really matters (it was just about 5 GBP) -but the principle... Well, lesson learnet, should I need to do an internet order for UK residents again - I'll ask around first! (or I buy and deliver myself).
  • If I buy something from Comet (9 days ago and the price drops by £50, can I claim that £50 back under the 14 day guarantee?)
  • deanos
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    Yes you can:beer:
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    Comet are still doing this price match, and I was able to get £132 off a TV today. They price matched Empire Direct, which was next door to them, and then took a further 10% off the difference.

    Although I agee there is sometimes no incentive to price match, as you may as well go with the 1st price, but in this case, Comets warranty was cheaper.

    Also, you can play one company off the other, as I went into ED and showed them the price match confirmation, and asked if they could beat it.. but they didnt have the TV in stock. Although it wasn't in stock in ED, Comet still allowed the price match, as their online system showed it as 'in stock'

    I don't know how may stores the price match excludes, but there aren't many ED's around, that I know of.. and this is included in comets list
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    Matt, the newbie...
    You said the warranty is cheaper...?
    You have these rights as part of the Sale of Goods act as standard rather than having to pay for them.
    I would reccomend that you look up the sale of goods act as all the extended warrenty is is one of the hugest consumer cons going.
    Believe me, I have never had a problem with a product being returned over 12 months old if you know what you are doing and stick to your guns.
    Just some advice for a newbie, please don't take offence!
  • JaMhops
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    Hi i was looking on the Comet website and can't find T&C on the website saying it can be compared to select online retailers am i missing it or has it changed,

    (all i am after doing is price match against there online website as it says the store has none in stock but i know they have a cupboard full of them does anyone know how i can get them to sell them to me at the online price even though i am unable to reserve them?)

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