Great “Price Beater Plus” Hunt

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I hate price promises!

It's a piece of marketing I detest, when a shop says "find it cheaper and we'll refund you the difference". What it really means is:-
  • We'll try to make you think our prices our cheap by saying this
  • Yet we can now price as we want, safe in the knowledge that the worst than can happen is we'll have to reduce our price to that of our competitors.
In reality it's protection for retailer. And how many people actually go checking the price 'after' they've bought something, the time to do it is before. It persuades people to think they've a safety net, yet actually our own spending habits habitually persuade us not to. Don't be fooled!

So what's this hunt all about then?

A few stores agree to refund you the difference PLUS xx percent. Though claiming can be fiddly on higher priced items it can be worthwhile. Also it means its worth buying in the store with the price promise, even if you know its available cheaper elsewhere so you can reclaim the added discount afterwards.

What to do?

This Great Hunt is to find those stores that say they’ll give back more than the difference and create an easy-to-use list.

Please note in your post

The retailer’s name,
Details of its price beater promise (how much extra it gives back)
Is the money is taken off at the till or needs to be claimed.
If possible please give a link to the retailers website

Martin :)

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • mew
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    Forumite price match and give 10% off the difference if you can find the item cheaper on selected websites or a local shop within 10 miles of your local Comet store (or within 10 Miles of your Postcode if you order by Phone). You can price match up to 14 days after you purchase. Unfortunately there is no indication on how to claim the Difference & 10% or how it is refunded.

    From Comet Website

    Always Low Prices - Guaranteed
    At Comet, we believe in continuously checking competitors' prices online and in-store on your behalf to make sure that The Comet Price is always low - on average we check over 34,000 prices each week.
    Online, we check the prices, including delivery, of all the leading online electrical retailers and if we find a lower price then we lower ours.
    However even though we're doing everything we can, it is possible that we might miss something.

    The Comet Price Guarantee
    If you find a product on our website priced lower on,,,,,, and or in a local store (a store within 10 miles of your nearest Comet store), we'll not only match the price but also beat it by 10% of the difference. For purchases completed over the telephone the store must be within 10 miles of your home post code area.

    14 Day Protection
    We won't stop protecting you on price even after you've made your purchase. The Comet Price Guarantee applies for up to 14 days after you've made your purchase with us. We only ask that the same product is immediately available in a factory sealed box from,,,,,, and or at that local retailer.

    This Applies
    Where the offer can be verified, either by written evidence (e.g. advert, quotation, dated screen print etc.) or verbally from our competitors.

    We Do Not Match
    Warehouse clubs or any retail club requiring membership.
    Mail order and internet companies other than those listed.
    Warranty prices, as no competitors' warranty is directly comparable to our own. We check the online prices of,,,,,, and These are indicated as Special online prices and are not available in store.
  • RussLE
    RussLE Posts: 98 Forumite
    Currys Quote

    "we'll not only match the price but also beat it by 10% of the difference"

    Am I being like :money: or is that saying they will beat the cheaper price by......

    wait for it.....

    around 1%!

    Now that is a deal that will have me trowling the net and local shops all day long...


    This typifies what Martin is saying....surely! :mad:
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  • leet_first
    leet_first Posts: 55 Forumite also have a 'price promise' plus 10%
    Company local to me, usually fairly competitive for electrical items.
    Although I used this whilst collecting a purchase and they only price matched! Should have gone back 10mins after purchasing, but you live and learn.

    Details from their website:

    Our Price Promise

    we guarantee you can't buy cheaper!!

    In our competitive market place prices are changing on such a regular basis that it's impossible to be sure we're always the best.

    In fact because a number of our competitors use our prices as a benchmark we guarantee that if within 7 days of purchase you find the same product in stock on the UK mainland, boxed, brand new, UK sourced and supplied via an official UK supplier, we will beat their price by 10% of the difference (excluding delivery). Simply provide us with the written details (or point us to a website) of where and when you saw the product and we will offer a no quibble refund. Please note this refund only applies once within the 7 days.

    * Please note, at times our competitors may not have telephone contact details to verify the price match, in these circumstances we would require you to obtain written confirmation.
  • VP
    VP Posts: 46 Forumite
    Just to let you guys all know that I have actually had much better experience of the Currys price promise than this.

    I recently purchased a Humax digibox with hard drive recorder. I knew the price in Currys, and found it in a shop in Wolverhampton for 5p cheaper. I called Currys, and they agreed to price match.

    I believe that their price promise is 10% of the difference. However, on arriving at the store to collect my digibox, I noticed that the price I was buying it at had already been written on the box. To my surprise, they had price matched it, plus a further discount of what appeared to be 10% of the original selling price of the item!

    Was I ever pleased! It proves it's worth trying to get stores to do their "added kick" price match as sometimes they don't understand their own policies either!
  • Stonk
    Stonk Posts: 937 Forumite
    found it in a shop in Wolverhampton for 5p cheaper
    Was it worth the phone call for the 0.5p you expected to be getting back? ;p
  • koru
    koru Posts: 1,465
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    I agree with Martin completely on this. Price promises are usually just an insult to your intelligence. If there is a retailer who is offering a lower price, then I would rather reward them with my business. Why bother with all the hassle of proving to retailer A that retailer B is selling for £5, has it in stock, is within x miles, etc, etc? If B is cheaper, just buy from them.

    Having said that, these offers can occasionally be useful. Richer Sounds shops will price match with internet offers, so all you have to do is take a print of the web page into their shop and they will match the price. This can be good if you don't want to wait for internet delivery. It can also save you the delivery cost, as they don't adjust the internet price by the cost of getting it delivered.

    Apple Stores also do price matches. I found this handy a while back when I found John Lewis Oxford Street was selling some Apple gear at 10% off, but unfortunately they were out of stock. They found it was in stock in their Sloane Square branch, so I was about to slog over there when I realised I could just wander down Regent Street to the Apple Store and get them to price match. They were not at all happy, as retailers are not meant to sell Apple gear at a discount, but they did match the price after phoning to confirm the JL price.
  • GDB2222
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    Comet - I would not shop there again if *at all* possible. Price promise, or not!
    No reliance should be placed on the above! Absolutely none, do you hear?
  • mp3pek
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    A few months ago I bought a Xerox scanner. £70 at Currys, Half price offer at PC World next door at £35. Both stores part of DSG. Bought it from currys for £31.50.
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  • steady__eddie
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    Comet - I would not shop there again if *at all* possible. Price promise, or not!

    I could not agree with you more, I consider that the after-sales service is so pathetic that I actively advise people to avoid them like the plague
  • GDEvans
    GDEvans Posts: 9 Forumite
    Richer Sounds - although they will match other websites, you sometimes have to get them to match their own. Their in store prices are often more than their online prices, and they expect you to take in a print out of their own web page before they will match the price.
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