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    This is a local one but its the best ive seen anywhere it applies to Downtown in Grantham and Boston.

    They do double the difference price promice so if they sell something for say £150 and you find it for £100 they will take £100 off the price making it £50 !

    Ive taken advantage with quite a few times over the years and had free items as well :)

    You can claim before or after purchace, the item has to be in stock within 40 miles of the store and not internet, mail order or club type places
  • rammell wrote:
    Recently, Curry's refused to honour their price promise.

    I was looking for a Black and Decker Dustbuster and after shopping around noticed that Comet were a little cheaper than Currys (both on the same retail park). I went to Comet to make my purchase but - as usual - they were out of stock. So, I toddled down to Curry's to buy my Dustbuster knowing that Currys have their price promise.

    Unfortunately, the dreaded small print says that the item has to be in stock at the retailer selling it at the lower price. After they'd checked with Comet, they refused to charge me the lower price.


    You can't blame them for doing exactly what it says on the tin, though! They DID honour their promise.
    "Some say the cup is half empty, while others say it is half full. However, this is skirting around the issue. The real problem is that the cup is too big."
  • Comet say they will match, plus 10% of difference, local store prices.
    Do they include Powerhouse? A reply from Comet?
  • just got off the phone with comet sales.

    Saw fridge freezer comet price £259.30 currys price £227.37

    Informed that comet will not match this price under "price promise guarantee" because bosch set the price.

    Nowhere does it say in their "price promise guarantee" that some items are excluded.

    By the way the stores are virtually next door to each other

    Not impressed notifying trading standards

    any one else had this problem?
  • deanos
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    Well if they are saying that Bosch set the prices then thats price fixing and is illegal
  • Hello there! My first post...

    The BT Shop has a "double the difference" price promise. They don't make it easy to redeem, but if you're in the market for a new telephone, then it's worth a look around.

    The BT Shop is at:
    Full price promise details can be accessed here.

    Happy hunting!
  • Hi - just thought i would share my knowledge of the travel industry.

    all travel agents have a price beating policy of competitors and will usually beat the price given by a rival by around 5 %

    you need to find a holiday with a popular tour operator like Airtours, Thomson, etc etc

    go to your 1st travel agent and get them to do a price on it - get it printed off 'to discuss it with your other half' then go to travel agent 2 and get them to beat the price - some need pursuading but they will do it in the end - then go to travel agent 3 etc etc

    i did this for a friend of mine who was willing to pay brochure price of £2800 per person to go to Cuba and within an hour i had gotten this down to £1600 each.

    also blag the travel insurance because that costs the agencies very very little - if anything.

    good luck
  • Hi,

    I would be interested to know when you got the Comet price match list, as I have just purchased a Panasonic DVD recorder from Comet which turned out to be cheaper on the Dixon web site, when I contacted Comet they say Dixon is not on they price match list.
  • deanos
    deanos Posts: 11,219 Forumite
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    I managed to get 4 free Fur Real bears at the weekend at Downtown, Toys R Us £14.99 ,Downtown £30 double the difference = free, i would have got more but couldnt carry any more as they are large boxes :rotfl:
  • HI,

    I would be interested to know when your Comet price match list was taken from there web site. I have just purchased a Panasonic DVD recorder from Comet and then found out that the same recorder was cheaper at Dixons. I e-mailed Comet, they say that Dixons is not on there price match list.
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