Does anyone actually enjoy it?

Living on a shoestring. Most of us DFWs have to do it in order to clear our debts, but does anyone actually enjoy it? I must admit, I do get a certain pleasure out of knowing where ALL my money is, down to the pennies. Doing my sums and planning weeks and months in advance where money is going to go. You have to be very organised, and I think that's what does it for me. Having to get creative and come up with new ideas in order to be able to meet payments at the end of the month. Counting the pennies and saying 'no' to temptations in shops and pubs. It's a great feeling.

There's a beer festival on in my town tonight, but I've decided to stay in and watch a film with the MSG tonight (and she really is an MSG - nothing to do with me - she's just really tight with money!!). I feel so dirty... Lol.



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    You are not alone! We have lived on a shoestring for a while now and it was hell but since having my LBM I now find pleasure in working out in advance what's going to get paid of and by when! I am extremely pleased with myself at the moment becasue now when I go into town (only when I HAVE to) I come home empty handed, whereas before my LBM I couldn't resist buying something, anything just as long as I had something to take home. This site has changed my life!!

    Enjoy the film Gax, if you'd gone to the Beer festival you would've only regretted it in the morning!
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  • Hi there, yes I do enjoy the working things out part of money saving, I've got a couple of pads where I write down what's coming out each week & check it off when it's come out of the bank I also write down everything i've spent, so I don't forget.
    The only thing I hate is when something or someone sabbotages it ( school wanting money for something or other/car going wrong/ kids being invited to loads of parties in the same week etc )
    I just don't go out to the shops anymore, I can't resist a bargain, so I don't even put temptation in my way.
    My thinking is a year or so of hardship to come out the other end being able to have the odd thing here & ther is not too much to handle.
    Also I love updating my sig & putting in what I'm going to spend each day
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  • I do and I don't.
    I do enjoy the fact that I don't feel 'skint' any more as I plan my spending; so if I can't afford it I can't afford it; I don't go to the pub and realise I have no cash; I only go if I have some.

    I also enjoy really valuing my friends and spending time with them and making them stuff rather than buying expensive gifts.

    But I don't enjoy it being 'sabotaged' either; I get really upset as I tend to have no leeway in that situation.

    And I don't enjoy not being able to fully enjoy myself; if I go on holiday I can't 'let loose' because I don't have the cash. I am going next month and that will be the same; but I only go on holiday once a year so by next year I will have budgeted and saved for it so can enjoy myself properly.
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  • I do enjoy it in a perverse way. In fact, bar the occasional splurge (due to holiday etc) I'm going to try and keep it up, but instead of it going toward the debt (when it's all paid off), put it toward savings. Do need the occasional treat though! Just every now and again!
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    I do enjoy planning, budgeting and prioritising. For me and Wayne the ultimate goal is becomming debt free. But we use the challenges for when we've fallen a little off the wagon or can foresee that we might slip. It helps that we can make it fun rather that be a long-haul slog!

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    Yeah 80% of the time it's good. It makes the treats so much more worthwhile because you don't have to feel guilty about them because you know you can afford them.
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    Can't say I enjoy it, things I enjoy in life are my children, family, my home and money or not is a necessary evil to deal with. I definately will not go without family treats or something just to bring a debt free date down a month. I live in the now, I have good future plans and savings laid down so no one will suffer if I get run over by that bus, but just in case I do there was good stuff in my shopping and something that made the children smile at some point in the week!
  • I enjoy it to some extent. It's nice that I can now check my bank account without feeling terrified, because I know what I've spent each day and month, and giving into temptation is (mostly!!) a thing of the past.

    It's frustrating too though! At the moment my big challenge is clearing my credit card. I've paid off nearly £300 this month, but due to the interest payments, it hardly looks any better... that, I don't like! Having said that, then the minimum repayment was £4 less this month, that made me feel good! I can't wait for next month!
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  • That's kind of what I meant as well.
    With the head out of the sand; I don't feel anything like as worried or paniced or annyoed at myself for decieving myself.

    But I don't like how slowly I'm getting rid of it all :(
    LBM : August 2007
    my debts: less than this time last year....!
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  • I'm addicted. I don't feel right with myself if I haven't checked a spreadsheet or logged into the internet banking... I have to be working towards something.. it feels wrong to spend money on 'stuff' now when It could be spent on debt!
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