Gifts for Teachers

Very topical at the moment, I want to get a gift for my sons Yr 1 teacher and for my daughters Pre-school "ladies", approx 6 of them (!) and obviously don't want to spend a fortune, equally I want to steer away from crap and the wine or chocs route, thought I may get some nice pens (practical!), any other ideas???



  • lesleystrawson
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    Being an ex teacher, I always appreciated the foot soaks/cream, bubble bath etc etc. Avoid the chocs - they'll be inundated!

    Oh yes - plants and flowers are really really nice too. One of the nicest I had was a little boy who had chosen one carnation stem from the local florist and tied a home-made gift tag to it saying what a great year he had being in my class.

    'My father told me to go for it.
    So I went for it. But it had gone.'
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    My daughter's chosen some pretty but reasonably priced earings from a craft fair, for her teacher. Pretty soaps in boxes?

    Lush do some lovely bath goodies.
  • chaliepud
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    What is lush? Never heard of that one, is it online?
  • Sorry to put a dampner on things, but it might be worth checking if the teachers are allowed to accept gifts, assuming its a county council school. I work for the local council and gifts of any sort are not allowed and we have to declare them (get them confiscated), if we do receive any. Its seen as a conflict of interest.

    Policy gone mad i reckon. If parents want to show their appreciation why can't they?
  • chaliepud
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    They have always rec'd them in the past, think there may be a rule re. alcohol though, I cringed last year seeing all these little kids carrying large glass bottles!
  • Yes i would too, rather inappropriate gift from a child. Let Mum or Dad present the alcohol if that's their preffered thank you.
  • Becles
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    Is there a Body Shop outlet shop near you? I've previously bought lovely toiletry sets for a few pounds. Last time we bought gifts, I got the teachers a cube shaped box with a shower gel, body lotion, a shower scrunchie and a soap in for £2 each.

    Cheaper still, why not get your children to make a gift? Get them to make some cookies or muffins or fairy cakes etc. Wrap them up in either cellophane with a ribbon round, or make small boxes and line them with coloured tissue paper.

    They do get masses of chocolates. I do volunteer work in school and have been given boxes of chocolates from the teachers as they had far to many to get through!
    Here I go again on my own....
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    Assuming they are female, there are loads of summery necklaces and bracelets around the shops this year, the sales are just starting so I think it's time to stock up - thanks for reminding me!
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    Cheap white mug - paint their own picture, name, greeting, onto it. Piece of coloured cellophane tied at top with a coloured bow.
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    Please can I put what I hated getting;

    cuddly toys
    cups (personalized or otherwise)
    chocolates (though hubby loved eating them)
    cheap tacky smellies from the market
    china ornaments...eurgh, eurgh, eurgh was always to the parents taste, not mine.
    home baked never know how much 6 year old snot/spit/hair has entered them in the cooking process

    loved getting
    nice smellies
    book token (best pressie!)
    gift vouchers
    wine from parents
    tasteful display bowl for the house

    I used to get far too many smellies and chocolates, I still have smellies from the class 3 years ago.

    Imagination is always about a summer survival kit...never had one, but a magazine, suntan lotion, a cheap Boots face mask and an alcoholic minature would have been lovely.

    I also liked having those magnets with teacher sayings on...always used them with the next intake.

    I know I sound like an ungrateful cow as I was so blessed with presents, but the charity shop did very well from me every summer and christmas as I disposed of the many items I really couldn't stand.

    As for being allowed to receive the presents, we could accept one off gifts from parents up to £20...anything over £20 we had to ask the head about and record the gift in a book.

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