surface water drainage

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check if your paying your water company for surface water drainage it seems they all charge unless you query. we have soakaways and should receive £12.50 off our rates you have to request a form to claim it. How many £12.50 are not claimed? They dont let you claim for previous years though ;)


  • Anglian Water will backdate your claim to the first of April in the year which you applied. If you can call for an application before 31.03.05 your claim will be backdated automatically to 01.04.04.

    Your saving would be £30 per year if you are currently being charged for SWD in error.

    Tel: 0800 91 91 55
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    I have just received notification, from Southern Water, that I will have a refund of £18 for 2004 and my 2005 bill reduced by £22. You need to claim before 31/03/05 to have the rebate for 2004. You will need to supply a plan of your sewers/drainage systems to the water board as - apparently - they do not have any plans of the drainage system. I was able to prove that my surface water drained into soakaways and had my very welcome reply in just over one week.
    Jane Timms
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    I have received the documents from STW to claim for a rebate, because I have soakaways at the rear of the house. Trouble is I do not know where the water at the front goes!?! Would I still get a rebate if the water at one half of the house went into soakaways. Even the water which comes out of the kitchen and utility room goes in the soakaways at the back.
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    The charge is made if any surface drainage goes into the main sewer system - however if you are not sure, and make a request, the Water Board will send a inspector out to check for you - make sure that your request is in before 31/03/05 to qualify for the 2004 rebate as well as having your 2005 bill reduced.
    I have just received my adjusted bill and - to my very pleasant surprise - I will be only paying 41p per month extra for 2005. It is really worth 'pushing for it'
    Good luck
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    On my house I have 2 drain systems, foul and surface water. surface Water is fed through 2 gulleys, front and back, connected to the roof drainage, with most of next doors roof drainage coming onto my property etc.

    If I was to permanently divert the water into water butts, front and back (would actually be at the side behind the fences etc, would I be able to claim the reduction ?

    What would I do with regard to next door ?

    "What would I do with the water ? "

    Probably poor it down the drains again !!! My ideal would be to rig up a loft tank and pump the water into the loft, then use it to filll the toilet cistern. I reckon this approach in conjunction with a water meter would save a packet, providing the elec used to pump it doesnt outweight the water cost !

    Any thoughts, comments ?
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    My surface water feeds directly into soakaways - I cannot comment on downpipes being diverted into water butts.
    My understanding is that even if only one downpipe feeds into the Water Boards mains then you are liable for the Surface Water charge - however - as I have said in previous replies if you are in doubt consult your local Water Board - I found my supplier to be extremely helpful.
    Best of luck
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