Need a New Buggy


Looking for best deal on a Buggy for a three month old with a hood. Would like one with a Window to spy on what hes up to.

We like the Mcclaren Quest for £75 from Kiddicare.

Anyone come up with anything better? Would prefer a decent model.

Best regards



  • Woby_Tide
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    we bought the same model as lighter replacement for an M&P travel system. Got it off an ebay seller with a 'free' footmuff which made it £90 in total(if it's £75 then you can get a footmuff for £17 from Glasgow Pram Centre so only £2 more in total as seller has none on ebay currently)

    Happy with it so far, much lighter and easier to use, still has a good recline and junior tide sleeps in it so it wins on that point, just survived a weeks offroading round a Center Parcs so can't fault it yet
  • woo
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    If you have an advantage card you can get the quest from boots for 90, plus loads of extra points and there is another voucher on one of the other forums for 10% off which makes it slightly cheaper than kiddicare i think. well i hope so as my wife has just ordered one!
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  • Pink.
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    Hi bazza,

    I hope that you dont' mind but I'm going to move your thread over to the Marriage, Relationships & Families board where you should get lots advice.
  • mummytofour
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    I have just got a Mcclaren techno and ITS FABBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It normally retails at £160.... BUT

    I orderd mine on a sunday, got the call monday and it arrived on tuesday.
    I would sooo reccomend this its much nicer than the quest.
    It has a sun visor on the hood, total lay back seat ohhh and sooo many other things.
    I totally love this buggy and if u can strech to the extra few ponds it is so worth it!

    By the way my last Mcclaren lasted 7 years and three children, so well worth the pennies
    Debt free and plan on staying that way!!!!
  • henhog
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    Went to Halfords in St Albans on Sat and saw a really nice push chair for £39.99 reduced from £80. Good make too - but cn't remember exactlly which one. It had a hood, raincover and folded up really small. Very nice looking too - red!

    Hope this helps.
  • bylromarha
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I got a Maclaren Quest a few weeks ago using my advantage card points, so effectively for free. It's great, but would have like the Techno XT as it has suspension, but couldn't save any more points without getting a new house to store all the Boots goods in.

    The advantage card machines are giving out 10% vouchers for all maclarens at the moment, and you could probably use it in conjunction with the 10% off everything voucher from the shrink wrapped health and beauty mag. If you go for the quest, do this for Boots as the points total will make the overall spend cheaper, if you want the Techno, then Glasgow is cheaper...well spotted mummytofour. For the sake of an extra £24 cash, I'd go for the Techno myself.
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  • John_M_Business
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    Hi there

    I got a BabyDan Stockholm from Kiddicare ( about ten months ago and haven't looked back. Major plus points:
    - Anti-tilt mechanism means it's hard to tip the buggy with shopping unless there's no child in it and you have kilos on the handles
    - 'Periscope' handles means you can pack it away neatly, but taller 'pushers' don't get stooping-related back ache
    - Recline mechanism is a lot niftier than the Maclaren one
    - Very comfortable for the (now) toddler)
    - Large wheels means that you can go on or off road with abandon!
    - Cheap (was for about £80 delivered)

    My Brother got this for his kid about a month ago from Kiddicare - it seems that they get stock in and then sell out very quickly. IMHO (and his) it's considerably better than a Quest. RRP is £160, but haven't seen it for that price anywhere. If you are patient, it should be with Kiddicare soon (you could always drop them an email).

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  • Counting_Pennies_2
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    I have just got a Mcclaren techno and ITS FABBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It normally retails at £160.... BUT

    I would definitely agree with this. I looked at all the buggies and this wins by a long shot. The wheels are much better than the small Mcclaren wheels, it folds all the way back and the sun visor is much more effective than the others.
  • Ally
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    Maclaren Techno Classic has 20% off at boots, plus triple points, plus 10% off code, works out to £115.20 with additional 1536 points and not forgeting cash back! So, under £100 then!

    Am thinking it over now, do i, don't i!
    I can say whatever I like here ... 'cos no one can see me .. ner ner ner ner ner !!!....

    How do you know I ain't sitting here butt naked?!?!

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  • bazza1603
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    I ended up getting The Maclaren Quest from Boots.

    Worked out at £101 including delivery after using the £10 off voucher.

    I got the buggy
    2 large packs of nappies
    4 bottles of Johnson baby cream (2 x BOGOF offers)
    Just under £20 worth of Points.

    I bought the nappies and creams to take the total over £100 to get the extra points. I know the buggy was cheaper elsewere for £75. But for £81 after the point value taken off, I have got £16 worth of nappies and £8 worth of Johnson for the £6 extra

    I am more than happy with the buggy

    Best regards

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