Anyone know where I can sell my wedding dress?



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    I would say go for it just put it in the listing it was made to measure but have rough size guide. Anyone who buys a wedding dress on eBay should be aware it 90% will need alterations! My sister got hers kind of 2nd hand (wedding didn't go ahead) on eBay and it needed altering but looked beautiful! Hope you get a buyer :)
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    Thanks I'll give it a whirl this weekend when I list some other stuff. :). :beer:
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    You should try Dress Me Pretty in Leicester they specialise in pre loved wedding dresses.
  • I prefer to choose a brand new wedding dress, sorry....
  • I typed in to Google "how to sell my wedding dress" and this forum came up and I can see that other people are trying to sell their second hand wedding dresses too. Any recommendations from people would be greatly appreciated.

    I have so far found a few sites and one that looks particularly good is called The Wedding Dress Link.

    Any help would be great ;) and any recommendations on what to put in an advert to increase the chances of me getting a sale quickly would be helpful too.:j
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    I'm going to have a mooch at the suggested websites - I want to sell my dress to overpay the mortgage. Well,I wanted to sell the dress anyway
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    santsingh wrote: »
    Their is a fashion dress outlet namely kalkifashion you can sell your wedding dress there.

    Really? I've just been on and it's a site selling Indian designer wear. Or am I on the wrong site?
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    There are many e-commerce sites such as where you can sell your wedding dress.
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    Anyone had goodluck selling their dresses?
    I'll appreciate further suggestions and updates please.
    I have 3 to sell and I've listed them on Gumtree and preloved.
    I'll try ebay too.
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    I finally sold mine a couple of weeks ago, pretty much a year to the date I got married so if you're struggling to sell...keep persevering! I was started to get a it fed up and my husband was like "you'll never sell it...give up".

    I got about a third of what I paid for it and it was immaculate. I had quite a few people who said they were interested in that time but when it actually came to trying/buying nothing ever came of it.

    Top tip: I sent mine using Doddle - worked out quicker and cheaper than sending via Hermes (parcel was too big for Royal Mail) and they were very helpful in the shop which is always nice. Make sure you stash away a box big enough to post it in if you're doing that, I had a mad panic to try and source a box.
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