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Stripping paint from stone.


Could someone tell me what is a good product to help remove gloss paint from interior stone steps without damaging the stone itself.

The paint was applied either side of a carpet and I wish to remove it as I just want the steps totally bare now. Carpet has already been bined.



  • trishatrisha Forumite
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    Remove it with Nitramors, or Mangers paint and varnish stripper, super strength, water washable available from decorators merchants and diy stores.

    Apply liberally with a brush,and let the fluid do the work, preferably with the fluid in a jam jar or similar, it will melt plastic containers, use rubber gloves

    Scrape and re-apply until you get down to the stone. wash the surface with water, let it dry and then rub up with a wire brush.
  • I will look my local Wilkinsons tomorrow they should have some of the products suggested - Thanks Trisha.

    I am not sure about the wire brush though as that will mark the surface and thats the last thing I want.
  • trishatrisha Forumite
    488 Posts
    Good luck, this advice was from my hubby, he is a retired painter and decorator, he said if you do wire brush it, you have to make sure it is completely dry or it will scrub the stone off,it just finishes it off nicely.
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