MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Ken ‘save’ Deidre’s kids from being taken into care?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Ken ‘save’ Deidre’s kids from being taken into care?

Arriving at the local cash machine, Ken gets stopped by a panicky young woman who’s leaving the ATM in tears. She says her name’s Deidre, and asks Ken to help her out with £10; she’s run out of electricity, the bank won’t let her take any money out, and social services are about to come and inspect her house. She says they’ll take her kids away if they see it how it is; that’s all Ken knows. Should Ken give Deidre the cash?
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  • elsien
    elsien Forumite Posts: 31,588
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    Call me a cynic, but I'd say it ranks alongside the person who's lost their mobile/wallet and needs cash to get home.
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  • stebiz
    stebiz Forumite Posts: 6,590
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    There is no way I'd give her the tenner. First of all I agree with the last post and secondly if the kids were having to put up with no elecy they would be better off in care.

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  • Thunderbird_2
    Thunderbird_2 Forumite Posts: 613
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    Yes, he should! I would! Giving makes you feel good. Always help people when you can. She might not be honest, but, I wouldn't forgive myself if she was! If He can't afford to give a tenner, then he should at least give what he can afford, even if it was a quid!!

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  • lucien2k
    lucien2k Forumite Posts: 16
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    Can always go to the shop with her and pay for it.
  • Madwelshmam
    Madwelshmam Forumite Posts: 142 Forumite
    I'd go to a shop and pay it for her, what goes around...

    (but I'd also ask where the kids were at moment...)
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  • Middlestitch
    Middlestitch Forumite Posts: 1,486
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    No - if things are that dire, she needs more help than a passing tenner
  • mrs-d_3
    mrs-d_3 Forumite Posts: 240 Forumite
    Yes - I would but I'd like to think I'd ask her to go and buy it for her.
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  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Forumite Posts: 484
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    NO SHE'S A CON ARTIST!!! :rolleyes:
    You mean to tell me she's even run out of emergency electricity!!!
  • lexa34
    lexa34 Forumite Posts: 587
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    He should give her the money if he likes and believes her. If the kids were to be taken into care it woldn't be jsut because she does have any power.
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  • SimonC_4
    SimonC_4 Forumite Posts: 20 Forumite
    I'd say it was a scam - I've been asked for money in similar situations three times in the past six months, twice by the same woman. If I lived in a small village perhaps it'd be different, but here in London my wallet stays firmly in my pocket and if I'm giving money it's via a registered charity.
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